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  Module Title/Name: Effective Management Consultancy  Module Code: BNM817J
  School: Aston Business School  Module Type: Standard Module
  New Module? No  Module Credits: 15

BNM817J Effective Management Consultancy Module Delivery

  Method of Delivery  Learning Hours
  Large Group Activity:  25 hours
  Independent Activity:  125 hours
  Total Learning Hours:  150 hours

BNM817J Effective Management Consultancy Module Learning Information

  Module Aims: Understand different approaches to structure a consulting intervention. Understand and experience what is good and what is bad consulting practice. Be better prepared to carry out successful consulting projects within organisations, either as an external investigator or as a line manager given a one-off problem-solving task.
BNM817J Effective Management Consultancy
BNM817J Effective Management Consultancy
  Module Learning Outcomes: On successful completion of this module you will be able to: Evaluate the trends affecting the global consulting industry. Appraise a complex situation using problem structuring. Prepare a soft systems analysis of a complex, ambiguous problem situation. Recommend the most appropriate consulting approach for a particular organisational challenge.
  Indicative Module Content: The module will cover the following subject areas:   The structure of the consulting industry  Approaches to consulting practice, including both ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ Systems approaches, drawing from, among others; Alan Weiss, Peter Drucker and Peter Checkland How to structure problems Commercial realities and characteristics of the consulting industry Further detail on the Soft Systems Methodology, including applications during the tutorial sessions
  International Dimensions: A key theme in the module is the applicability of methods that support management consulting and business thinking worldwide. The lecturer has used the methods in various countries to support senior policy-making as well as working with numerous multi-national organisations in the UK. Examples of these applications will be discussed in the module.
  Corporate Connections: For 2019/20 this module has been selected to be a module sponsored by an external organisation, ACH. ACH is a social enterprise working to resettle refugees through the labour market and social integration (from the website The students will provide the context and situation for the students for their analysis and their projects. Module sponsorship will increase the degree of engagement between the module and society and organisations in the local region, which aligns with the strategy of the University.
  Ethical Approval: The students will work on a project of their choice. The project will be based upon secondary data and therefore ethical approval will not be required. However, where appropriate, issues of confidentiality will need to be respected.
  Links to Research: These methods are researched at Aston University and research experience/findings will inform the module content.
  Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainability: The teaching of the module will address certain aspects of the ethics and corporate responsibility issues presented in this industry.

Learning & Teaching Rationale:

The module will be delivered through a weekly one hour lecture and a two-hour seminar. The lecture will convey the key principles of the subject. The seminars will provide an interactive environment in which students will explore the concepts in small groups or pairs and apply them to an example complex system. Students develop their understanding week by week. The students will apply the concepts and ideas of the module working with a real external organisation.

Module Assessment

Methods of Assessment & associated weighting (including approaches to formative assessment as well as summative):
  Method of Submission: Electronic Copy Only
  Assessment Rationale: Assessment is via a coursework assessment (100%). The coursework assessment will involve the analysis of the client’s problem situation. Students will develop their own individual interpretation and understanding of the client’s situation. The method of referral will be to redo the same assignment.
  Feedback Rationale: Feedback is given on an ongoing basis during the weekly seminars. Students can apply the concepts taught weekly to their projects and thus receive formative feedback on an ongoing basis on their work. In addition, students can obtain one to one feedback during the term in-office hours.

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