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Module code and title  5CS020 – Human Computer Interaction
Module leader Sarah Slater
Assignment name Portfolio
Assignment type Portfolio
Learning outcomes  LO1: An in-depth understanding of the meaning of the term ‘usability’ and the consequences (task critical, business-critical and life-critical) of bad usability of systems.   LO2: Establish the theoretical foundations based on cognitive psychology that integrate into human-centred design and Human-Computer Interaction   LO3: How to apply participatory or user-centred design processes in the creation and evaluation of interactive systems
Assignment weighting  100%
Submission date  Teaching Week 13 Semester 2
Submission method  Canvas
Assignment requirements  Complete all work.
Assessment criteria   (Including individual weighting, if applicable, and an indication of the learning outcomes being assessed) 
Additional instructions N/A
Professional Body requirements N/A
University Regulations University’s Academic Regulations:  Academic Integrity  Policy:  Performance descriptors are linked here: Level and Mark Descriptors 
Support Student Support and Wellbeing:  Study Guides:  Online Student Handbook:  Assessment information:  You should also refer to your Course and Module Guides 
Date by which feedback will be provided  The first part of portfolio Week 5  Feedback provided in Workshops, and the final mark sheet will be available on Canvas after marking has taken place.

 Task 1 – Usability Report

A report on what is meant by the term Usability in your chosen area of study i.e. games development, Web site design.

You will be required to do research in the workshop/tutorial sessions and not simply reproduce lecture slides, additional points:

  • You must use References in Harvard style from at least two sources.
  • You should also include a conclusion noting the most important issues and also provide a brief discussion on which of these points you feel could most influence the design of your own interface.
  •  Your report should be approximately 1000 words

Task 1 – Due date is Friday Teaching Week 4

Task 2- Interface Development (40%)

You are required to develop an interface based on Usability techniques discussed in the module and from your own research (Task 1)

Students are free to choose from one of four options

Games DevelopmentWeb DevelopmentEmbedded SystemsSoftware Engineering
C, C++, Java, Unity, UnrealYou are free to agree on tools with the Teaching teamRaspberry PI Arduino  C, C++, Java, Javascript, Web Tools.
A suitable interface that could be applied to an application in your chosen area.

The topic of your interface can be any of your choosing. Pick something you have an academic interest in. Once you have selected your topic YOU MUST CONFIRM THIS WITH YOUR TUTOR. You will not be allowed to proceed with your interface of choice without tutor agreement. You may not change your topic without further consultation with your tutor.

Features to be implemented in 5CS020

You are not required to write the underlying application i.e. a full game, only an interface that could be used with your chosen application, but it must be based on the concepts from the lectures and from your research from Task 1.

Tools and technologies used to construct the website

Your are free to use any tools to create your interface, but your interface must run stand alone on a University of Wolverhampton PC.

Do not hesitate to discuss this matter with a workshop tutor if you have any doubts.

How to submit the 5CS020 assessment

Your interface must be available to be viewed on by Monday of teaching Week 9, and submitted to Canvas by teaching Week 9.

The Demonstration

You must attend and present your interface at a demonstration in the workshop Week 9. This demonstration is your opportunity to highlight the best areas of your work, and to answer any questions that the staff marker might have. You will be given feedback on your work during this demonstration.

Failure to present your work will result in a grade of 0% (FAIL) for the assessment.

Task 2 – Due date is Friday Teaching Week 9

Task 3 – Design & Usability Testing Report (40%)

A report on the practical application of your chosen techniques to your interface and what usability testing you have conducted.

Your report should show how you have applied relevant techniques for the design/development of your prototype interface. This should include:

i.  details and discussion of the design and development of the interface for the given scenario

ii. Details and discussion on the testing/evaluation that you carried out on your interface and the conclusions that you draw from these usability tests.

Word count limited to 2000 Words, but to include images.

Task 3 – Due date is Friday Teaching Week 13

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