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About Georgian College Canada

From degree programs to exchange opportunities, Georgia offers a range of exciting educational opportunities to international students. Georgian Student Login is the perfect place for high school students to begin planning their future, as well as individuals returning to school or continuing their studies. The college also offers courses in numerous areas plus English instruction, so you can gain the skills, knowledge and real-world experience necessary for success.

Full-time programs

By campus

By academic area

Continuing Education

International students

Preparation programs

Courses for Georgian College for which we offer assignment help

The following reflects the planned course sequence for full-time offerings of the fall intake of the program. Where more than one intake is offered contact the program co-coordinator for the program tracking.

ACCT 1000 Financial Accounting Principles 1         

BUSI 1001 Introduction to Organizational Behavior  

COMP 1003 Microcomputer Applications    

MATH 1002 Mathematics of Finance           

MKTG 1000 Introduction to Marketing          

ACCT 1001 Financial Accounting Principles 2         

ACCT 1018 Business Applications for Accounting   

FNCE 2000 Business Finance          

STAT 2000 Statistics 1          

ACCT 2003 Cost Accounting 1         

ACCT 2011 Personal Taxation          

ACCT 2013 Intermediate Financial Accounting 1     

ECON 1000 Microeconomics           

ACCT 2000 Cost Accounting 2

ACCT 2012 Applied Excel     

ACCT 2014 Intermediate Financial Accounting 2     

ECON 2000 Macroeconomics          

LAWS 2000 Business Law    

ACCT 3012 Income Tax for Corporations    

ACCT 3013 Information Systems for Accounting    

ETHC 3002 Business Ethics 

FNCE 2001 Managerial Finance       

MGMT 2012 Introduction to Project Management   

ACCT 3009 Advanced Management Accounting     

ACCT 3014 Introduction to Auditing  

ACCT 3015 Advanced Financial Accounting Topics

MGMT 3001 Managerial Decision Making   

ACCT 3002 Advanced Computerized Accounting

BUSI 1019 Payroll Administration

BUSI 2011 International Business

BUSI 2015 E-Commerce

BUSI 2025 The Business of Exports

BUSI 3001 Supervision

BUSI 3006 Investments

ENTR 1000 Social Entrepreneurship

ENTR 1002 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

ENTR 2003 Small Business Operations

ENTR 2007 Entrepreneurship

ENTR 2009 Entrepreneurship and Small Business

FNCE 2008 Dealership Financial Statements

HURM 1000 Human Resources Management Foundations

HURM 1004 Compensation

HURM 2000 Employment Law

LAWS 1015 Debtor and Creditor/Landlord and Tenant Law

LAWS 2046 Contracts and Torts

MGMT 2000 Production and Operations Management

MGMT 2001 Principles of Management

MGMT 2003 Human Resources Management

MGMT 2026 Material and Operations Management (ODE)

MKTG 1003 Principles of Sales

MKTG 1018 Strategic Marketing Planning

MKTG 2031 Sport Marketing and Sponsorship

MKTG 2033 Professional Edge

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