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Foundation Degree in Business & Management (second year)


Foundation Degree in Business & Management (Year 2)

Entrepreneurship (Module BMS508)

School of Adult, Professional, Management & International

Completion of this work will satisfy the following BMS508 learning outcomes.

The assessments for this module are:

Proposal presentation ASSESSMENT 1Oral presentation of 15 mins for each group & submission of supporting notes through TurnitinLO1 & LO230%
BUSINESS PLAN ASSESSMENT 2Written report of 2500 words (Turnitin)LO3 & LO470%

TITLE: Enterprise


Completion of this work will satisfy the following BMS508 learning outcomes.

LO3:  Demonstrate effective small business planning and performance.

LO4: Critically evaluate the potential issues arising that may impact the success of small business management through entrepreneurship.

You are required as a group to develop the business concept you have created in ASSESSMENT 1 in the form of a business report. You should demonstrate effective small business planning and provide justified reasoning and evidence/data to support the projected performance and viability of your business plan (LO3). Critically evaluate potential issues that may impact on the success of your business enterprise. (LO4).

The following are broad guidelines that you may consider in your report.

  • The rationale for launching the business and its vision and mission
  • Market growth strategy
  • Business planning tools and risk analysis
  • Factors impacting on the success of startups

Note: Although this is a group assignment, it is important that individual contribution is evidenced within the planning and delivery of the presentation. Self-evaluation and peer review are an integrated aspect of the mark allocation for this task.

Other relevant assessment information:

You will need to include and reference academic sources including at least 2 books, 2 statistical/numerical sources and 2 journals that provide supporting evidence for any assertions that you make. You will also need to incorporate research relevant to your business plan. Your business plan, presentation and any supporting notes should be submitted online, through Turnitin. 2,500 words (+/-10%)

This task will meet learning outcomes LO3 & L04 for this module and has a 70% weighting

Submission Date: 31/10/2022

Feedback Date: 28/11/2022


The skills development opportunities identified in this assignment are:

  • Apply secondary data research skills to acquire and utilise the necessary and relevant contextual and theoretical information required of the module.
  • Utilise numerical analysis skills in the review of financial and market research data.
  • Demonstrate IT and presentation skills in the completion of assessments and during the formative assessment and interaction within the classroom
  • Apply leadership, management and synthesis skills to generate and justify valid conclusions in the completion of a business plan.


TaskIndicative ContentMarking
Business Plan , LO3, LO4. Effective business planning demonstrated through the presentation of a viable business idea clearly supported by financial analysis including: a cash flow forecast demonstrating breakeven, capital investments, costings, expenditure, projected sales, and profits over a 3-year period.   The investment potential, issues and risks associated with your start-up business should clearly consider the impact they could have on the growth and development of your business plan. Internal and external factors should be explored, and their impact considered through a SWOT or PESTLE.     Attribution of higher grades are associated with: evidence of good research and judgements made supported by academic theory within all written workevidence of wide reading around topics to support conclusions drawneffective use of the Harvard referencing formatgood use of spelling, grammar and punctuation throughout all written work35                         35             30  

Undergraduate Generic Marking Criteria Foundation Degree Level 5

Level 5 (Foundation Degree/Diploma)ClassificationLevel 5 (Foundation Degree/Diploma)ClassificationLevel 5 (Foundation Degree/Diploma)Classification
90%-100% Exceptional work with presentation of the highest standard. The work contains coherent arguments and ideas. There is a detailed understanding of subject matter and critical analysis of issues/problems. Points are made clearly and concisely, always substantiated by appropriate use of source material. There is evidence of a sound ability to critically interrelate theories with examples from practice where appropriate.Distinction*80%-89% Outstanding work with presentation of a very high standard. There is comprehensive understanding of key concepts and knowledge and evidence of critical analysis and insight. Accurate interpretation of data with arguments, ideas and solutions presented effectively and based on strong research and reading.Distinction*70%-79% Extremely good work with presentation of a high standard. Evidence of strong knowledge and understanding together with some critical analysis and insight. Source material is used effectively to support arguments, ideas and solutions.Distinction*
60%-69% Very good presentation. Sound knowledge and understanding with an emerging ability to critically engage with and apply the concepts involved linking them to practice where appropriate. Good use of source material which supports most points clearly. Content is wholly relevant and is coherently structured.Distinction50%-59% Presentation is of a good standard but some shortcomings. Evidence of a sound knowledge base but limited critical and practical application of concepts and ideas. Content is largely relevant although points may not always be clear and structure may lack coherence. Contains some critical reflection and some use of source material to illustrate points.Merit40%-49% Adequate presentation. The work is descriptive and/or lacks critical analysis where required but is relevant with limited though sufficient evidence of knowledge and understanding. There is some evidence of reading although arguments/ proposals/solutions often lack coherence and may be unsubstantiated by relevant source material or partially flawed. Links to practice are made where appropriate.Pass
30%-39% Poorly structured, incoherent and wholly descriptive work. Evidence of a weak knowledge base with some key aspects not addressed and use of irrelevant material. Flawed use of techniques. Limited evidence of appropriate reading and no evidence of critical thought. Little reference to practice where appropriate.Fail20-29% Very poorly structured, incoherent and wholly descriptive work. Evidence of a very weak knowledge base with many key omissions and much material irrelevant. Use of inappropriate or incorrect techniques. Very little evidence of appropriate reading and no evidence of critical thought. No links to practice where appropriate. To obtain a mark of 20% the work must show evidence of a genuine attempt to engage with the assessment requirements and with the subject matter.Fail0-19 % The work is extremely poorly structured and presented. It demonstrates no real knowledge or understanding of key concepts and principles. Much material is irrelevant, incorrect or omitted. No evidence of critical thought. No effective use of supporting material. No links to practice where appropriate. Not a genuine attempt to engage with the assessment requirements and/or subject matter.Fail