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FINC20018 Managerial Finance T1 2020


FINC20018 Managerial Finance T1 2020 Assessment 1

Group Written Assignment

Due date: Week 5, Monday 6 April @ 11:55pm Weighting: 20%

Group formation FINC20018

  • For on-campus students, it is a group assignment and the group means 2 students per group.
  • For distant learning (FLEX) students, while a group of 1 is likely to be more practical groups of 2 are optional.

The task FINC20018

  • This assignment consists of two parts.
  • Part A is calculations and requires data from the “FINC20018 Data Generator” available in Moodle. The data generator requires you to enter the digits of your student number where shown.
  • Once your student number is inserted a unique data set will be generated for you that is used in the five questions of Part A.
  • Marks will be awarded for accuracy and you should show working. The quality of models developed in Excel to solve the questions will be implicitly graded within the accuracy of the result.
  • If you are working in a group of two, the student whose family name occurs first alphabetically should insert the student number and use his/her unique data to find the solution. No marks will be awarded for using incorrect data.
  • Part B consists of a single 800 words essay. Group members will not necessarily be awarded equal marks.

Submission method

  • This online submission includes a word document and a spreadsheet showing your data and calculations. PDF submissions will not be accepted.
  • Where students work in groups the student whose family name occurs first alphabetically should submit the assignment and the file should contain both students’ names. Students should not submit the assignment file twice and marks will be deducted if duplicate files are submitted.
  • For on-campus students this is a group assignment, only one member of the group will submit the assignment online by uploading to the Moodle (DO NOT use turnitin to check similarity for the draft work, and the second person in the group submit the final assignment – this will result in a very high similarity score and penalty will apply).

Issues that will affect your marks include:

  • Create your own cover sheet with the names of the students in the group clearly indicated.
  • The word limit is approximate, 5% leeway above or below is acceptable, if you exceed the word  limit significantly marks will be deducted.
  • Turnitin will be used to check percentage similarity. Do not copy the questions from the assignment instruction, as this will increase your percentage similarity.
  • Where copying from other sources results in high percentage similarity, marks will be deducted. Therefore, proper use of in-text referencing is important. Avoid direct quotes.
  • If percentage similarity exceeds 20%, marks will be deducted based on a progressive scale as determined by the course co-ordinator.
  • Under extreme circumstances where high % similarity indicates copying from written works of other students in CQU, other universities or any other institutions world-wide, the assignment will be reviewed by the academic misconduct board.
  • Penalty for the late submission is 5% per calendar day including Saturday and Sunday.

Part A – Calculations (10 marks in total)

Question 1 (2 marks)

It is said that the entire financial fortune of the British Empire can be computed using the compound rate of interest shown in the data table in row 4 applied to the gold that the English stole from the Spanish in the sixteenth century. If this was the case and by the year 1550 the English had stolen the amount shown in row 1 of the data table, what would the value of the British Empire have been at its peak in 1950 assuming compounding based on annual stops?

Question 2 (2 marks)

Charlie Hebro intends to save for a house by making monthly deposits into a term savings account that earns interest at the rate shown in row 7 of the data table, with interest compounded monthly. His budget allows him to save the monthly amount shown in row 14 of the data table starting at the end of this month.

  1. What will his savings be if he follows his plan for 5 years?
    1. If he receives an unexpected inheritance of $50,000 today which he deposits to start off his home savings, what will his total savings be at the end of the five years.

Question 3 (3 marks)

William Bunting has credit card debt shown in row 8 of the data table. He is considering increasing his home mortgage loan to pay it off. The credit card and home mortgage interest rates are shown in rows 5 and 3 respectively of the data table. Both loan types are computed on monthly stops. He is intending to increase his home mortgage payments so as to amortise the credit card debt over five years.

  1. How much would his monthly repayments to the credit card company be if he intended to pay out the debt over five years?
  2. By how much will his mortgage payments increase if he adopts this plan to deal with his credit card debt?
  3. How much would he save by transferring his credit card debt to his mortgage?

Question 4 (2 marks)

Millers Metalworks, Inc. has a total asset turnover in row 9 and a net profit margin in row 10. The total debt ratio for the firm is in row 11. Calculate Millers’s return on equity.

Question 5 (1 mark)

In 2019 Snout and Smith, Inc. had a gross profit in row 12 and sales in row 13. S & S’s operating expenses for 2019 were in row 15. Snout and Smith had no interest expense in 2019. Using this information, what was S & S’s operating profit margin for 2019?

Part B – Essay (10 marks)

Profitability was once the top agenda for many in the finance sector. But today there is a growing awareness of the world’s environmental, social and governance challenges. There is also a growth in socially responsible and sustainable investments in the financial markets, for example green bonds, low-carbon investments and companies with disclosure of climate- related information have been favoured by many investors. Analyse the importance of sustainability and social responsibility in finance.

Your answer should be in the form of an essay with 800 words limit excluding reference list.

All sources should be cited using standard APA referencing style. All text adopted from other sources should be placed in quotes with citations to sources. The Academic Learning Centre (ALC) is available to all student for assistance with essay writing and referencing.

Marking Criteria Weights Results
1. Completeness ̶ as adequate selection and use of relevant sources; effectiveness of introduction; reference list in correct style. 2  
2. Quality of explanations ̶ as structure of argument; persuasiveness of conclusions. 2  
3. Presentation ̶ as grammar and style of expression; 2  
4. Proper use of references ̶ as all adopted text being shown in quotes with citations; all significant ideas referenced to sources using correct citations; all citations using correct APA citation style. 2  
5. Insightfulness ̶ additional criteria that is relevant for students seeking higher grades. Grades of distinction or high distinction will display excellence in the foregoing grading criteria as well as an insightful mastery and presentation of the issues under consideration. Insightfulness is not a separate criteria as such but rather a category of excellence that demonstrates a level of understanding beyond the normal. 2  
Total 10  

>>Referencing Guide: APA Sgle

(American Psychological Association Sgle)

e            Ag matnñal used m anaderrñc er ‘›g shoidd be rafererazed in your texL whether you giue a stsnmary of others’ idees, or a dka<t zp ›tn. This is es¥ad ir›-ext rafbreneing w citing.

  • k is also essential eat either a Reference List orB                      be pwirled, staring on a new pape at the erxl of the text Check requ                 wigi your Ie’caxer.

e     A Refér.eme List coue. â’ss rely. p‹¥. zbcoIions. cited in yKnJr assignment rep‹x.t etc.  A @bfioosohy axuans all cbed

  • Faiiwe sz provide k+•na re4aronig and Ratérenoa Lict or Bib¥ography is ca¥ad ptaqiansm. wl oh can atbact e         FoBo rig are some examples on citing resoumes. using W APA style. These exartiples do r¥s coyer eyery

e    Seuecal Snhixds haue also complied they oan referencing guides, or eab sites ¥sat deal wilh re0ereneñ›g. ChezA

Gr¥fi i Law School (Gñfl’ith Law Review style g+ de): httpfi/www.gñfItIh.          au/publkaton/plrffrarneset3-html Queensland Conservatnrian Style arid RR           Guide (available on Laammp@Grp@gi)

Cheek with yozx laubxer cc ‘bdxs for each eoursc abotd they’ preferred refe•amgng sty4e andJor preferred

In-Text Referencing

Ci’ting Print Sources

D•ast qu4Ka‘ a) Promle ¥’e az¥or.        . cxl spe‹¥ic        rnal¥ri n ¥e url axl e•ziosett•e                w i double rtorlo. (Ft wats wiln 2 ache       b‹xh names n ext Fts worhs wilh 3s mae            edn6 adore fzr ¥1e fist Exatspta- -A per ‹xs      ret›ons a dawix›zdy bw lead z ‘elegy zñll have a mmaped…” (Bazy, Z¥I1, p. 46).Baty {2IXI1, p. 40)            n Inn rqzort     “aparnas      .”
6eoonday Sources. a) When usksg a        or kiea Irans one adtorfoxxl tise Example: a) (as ciud &Tang 2i@7, p. 82) ..

Citing Electron Sowcaa                                          Example:

List of References

  • Use indentation in your reference lists: irdent lfie second and foBowing lines of each item (see examples below)
  • The list sfould be alphabetced by the first word in each refeence, with a blank line between each reference

Printed Sources – Books                                      Example:

a) Sr›gle Author. by Muitiple authors — ali autr›ors to be iisted in reference list. Organisation as author – when tha author and publisher are identical, use the word Author as the name of the publsner ‹see page 230, seaion ¥.14 of APA Manual) Editions.   No author or editor — if no au1t+or or editor is given, the title is used. A¥›habetise the entry by the first signitlcslt word in the title. a) Russell, C.S. (2001). Applying ecariomics fa f/›e en+/ironment. New York: Oxford University Press. by Bartd, 1, & Martn, D. {2600). Management. New York. McGraw-Hill. Department of Families, Youth and Community Care. (1997). Implementation or nafionai sfindarda for outside ac/›oof fxx/rs ra/e in Oueenc/and. Brisbane: Author.Ssk, H. {1977). fanagemenr a/Id organiza//ttn (3rd ed.). Cinclati: S‹x/th-Western.7Ae Oxfbrd English die onary (2nd ed.). (1989j. Oxford:    
Printed Sources – Edited Works Example:
Sngte Editor.Multiple Editors – all edit‹xsb be listed. Rosner, R. {Ed.j. t2003). Textbook ‹K ado/escentpsyc/ca0y. Lofton: Arnold. Kerr, J., 6 Sweatman, C. (Eds.j. (2t 13). lf§’omen reinventing globalisation Oxford Oxfam
Printed Sources – Other Example:
Books in a senes.Book Chapter (in a bcog witn an editor).   Course Stu0y Guide — arbcles arO b‹xik cnaptefs in your Course Study Guide might be referenced as a standard journal or book chapter (or part thereof}, or as a chapter in your Study Guide. Consult youf lectwer or tutor. Grand, S. (2002). 7/›e reprod«cton or erx. a r0nxa/ and cvñ#af oerapectNe vol f7 Rea#ona/oempec0ve lxxi senes HilbdNe, NJ AnaWc Pass.   Cavanaugh. J.C. {1999). Theories of aging n the biological. behavioral. and social sciences. In J.C. Cavanaugh & S.K. Whrtb‹xJme (Eds.). Oeronfox›gy an in/erd/cc/p//oarr perCpeCtzlrp {pp. 1-32). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Non book Material Example:
ay Journal Anioes/Newspaper Article – provide the issue number only when each issue begns at page 1. If there is a monttWear only provided, use the fomat (1994, April). For wwspapers, use “p.” cr            .” to designate page. numbers. by vxieos. c) ABS Publications. ay Newton. P. {2001 j. Urban Austraiia 2002. AusPayan Planner. 39{1), 37-45 b) Wiggins, J. (Director). ‹19s6). The mefa c of ad ‘e/f/sng {Vidoorecordk+g). Sydney Australian Film Institute. t) Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2002). Balance of payments and /nlema0ona/ investment position, Auafialia, December Quarter 3 2 (No. 5302.0). Canberra, Australian Capital Temto Author.
ay APA Stya does not cover citfig Australian legislation in a List of References. You may wish to use the Commonweakh author-date style, but you should consult your lecturer or Mar to confim requirements.  
Electronic Journal Articles (library database) Example:
ay Crte ar0de as per a paper ccoy of the journal article, also include the database title and the retrieval date. ay Goson, R. K.. 6 Ward, S. (20D2). Virtual Campalgn¥jg. Australan parties and the impact of the internet Austra/Alt Journal af Pa/ideal science, 37, ss-129. Retñexed Aprii ID. 2oo2, from the Catchword database.
World Wide Web Resources (including books, gov ernment documents, and Web sites)
An ensre web site.   No author deD8s — if no authof s iantifieb, begG reference with the document title.   No date identined – ‹n.d.) indicates no publication date. Queensland Government (2o06). Department o//vale a/ Resourws and n’aer. Retfieveb January 8, 2007, ffom http:y/www.nrw.qld.gov.au Fort Lytton. (n.d.). Yatioo heatth. Retrieved Jwuary 11, 2DD7, from httpy/www.geocitIes.com/TheTropics/4303riytton.html Australian Sports Commission. {n.d.)At/stra/ian lnat”lf‹ne of Sport. Retrieved January 1I, 2007, from http:7/www.ais.org.au
Guides to clung information: Example:
ay APA Style. a b) APA web see — http;//www apastyte.org ay American Psychological Associaaon. (2f If ). Publicafion Manual or tt›e Amefican Psyctiok› ical Associacon f5th ed.). Washlngton, DC. Author,
Other Useful Sites Example:
Endrote — a database management package that allows you to or0anlse your re&rences, and create distant biblloqraphles. Electronic References and scholarly Citauon or internet Sources – this document keeps tracks of materials dealing with the emerging standards for elec#onlc references and Kholariy citadons of Internet Sources in both paper and online publications. http?Mww.gntNn.edu.aw’IibraryMorfisrops-Saowg/ser- help-resources/endnote http://www.spaceIess.comMwwVL