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Final Project Defect Tracker Assignment


Final Project – Defect Tracker

Project Description: – I choose my final project as a defect tracker. Defect tracking software allows you to identify, record, manage and track bugs in the software. As issues are identified, they are assigned to developers / engineers who validate the request and work on fixes for them. The software handles how the bug fix moves from person to person while keeping the initiator in the loop.

Defect tracking software is similar to problem tracking software or defect tracking software. It creates a database of defects that need to be fixed, while providing access to all team members they work with. Simply put, defect tracking software automates the process of tracking and tracking defects.

Defect Tracker
Defect Tracker

Better defect tracking software should be optimized to minimize time and resource costs in defect detection, isolation and remediation.

One cannot stress the importance of a strong defect reporting mechanism in software testing. It’s crucial to compare the features of both paid and free defect reporting programs when selecting a defect tracking tool to determine the best option for the company.

Here are some key objectives of defect tracking software:

Project objectives:-

  1. Reporting facility
  2. Maintaining workflows
  3. Bug prioritization and tracking status
  4. Team Integration and collaboration
  5. Test reports, metrics, and analytics
  6. Work recording and time tracking
  7. Smart notification facility

Technologies Used

Spring boot – Backend framework

React Js – frontend

Java – Backend

SQL – Database

Tomcat server