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January 30, 2018
BUGEN 5930 Business, Society & the Planet
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January 30, 2018

FIN201 Corporate Finance Assignment

BUGEN 5930 Business, Society & the Planet

FIN201 Corporate Finance


  1. Since 1 Sept 2010, Cathy’s investment policy has been to lodge fixed (term) deposits at her local bank. The bank pays interest on the maturity date of a deposit and the interest rate is expressed as an annual simple interest rate. When a deposit matures, Cathy’s policy is to re-lodge the whole sum (principal and interest) immediately for a further period. She chooses the term of each deposit according to her assessment of the interest rates available at that time. Cathy’s decisions to date are as follows:


1 Sept 2010              6-month deposit at 9% per annum

1 March 2011            8-month deposit at 9.15% per annum

1 November 2011    10-month deposit at 8.75% per annum


Calculate, as at 1 Sept 2014, the effective annual interest rate Cathy has earned since she began this policy. (Assume that all months are of equal length.) Briefly explain each step.


    1. The Three-Dot Mining Company has constructed a town at Big Bore. The town will be abandoned when mining operations cease after an estimated 5-year period. The following estimates of investment costs, sales and operating expenses relate to a project to supply Big Bore with meat and agricultural produce over the 5-year period by developing nearby land.
  • Investment in land is $8 million, farm buildings $2 000 000 and farm equipment $3 000 000. The land is expected to have a realisable value of $4 000 000 in 5 years’ time. The residual value of the buildings after 5 years is expected to be $400 000. The farm equipment has an estimated life of 5 years and a zero residual value.
  • Investment of $2 300 000 in current assets will be recovered at the termination of the venture.
  • Annual cash sales are estimated to be $21million.
  • Annual cash operating costs are estimated to be $18 million.

Is the project profitable, given that the required rate of return is 10 per cent per annum?


  1. Using the following data, calculate the:
  • Accounting rate of return
  • Payback period
  • Internal rate of return
  • Net present value


Project cost: $150 000
Estimated life: 4 years
Estimated residual value: $30 000
Annual net cash flow: $40 000
Required rate of return: 9%


How would your answers differ if the net cash flows were as follows?


Year 1 $50 000
Year 2 $30 000
Year 3 $60 000
Year 4 $80 000


  1. The standard deviations of returns on assets A and B are 12 per cent and 6 per cent, respectively. A portfolio is constructed consisting of 30 per cent in Asset A and 70 per cent in Asset B. Calculate the portfolio standard deviation if the correlation of returns between the two assets is:


  1. 1
  1. 5
  1. 0
  1. –1

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