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Exam solution for ACCM4300 Financial Reporting


Are you looking for Exam solution of ACCM4330 Financial reporting Assessment 4?

Subject Code:ACCM4300
Subject Name:Financial Reporting
Assessment Title:Assessment 4
Assessment Type:Online Final Exam
Weighting:30 %
Total Marks:30
Due Date:Week 14

Your Task

  • Review and practice the preparation guide questions, workshop notes, relevant chapters and workshop solutions as provided throughout the trimester.
  • Answer all questions.
Kaplan Exam Help
Kaplan Exam Help

Assessment Description

  • Final exam consisting of MCQs and 2 short answer style questions and practical application question(s).

Assessment Instructions

  • The final exam is OPEN book.
  • The final exam is online.
  • Workshops 5 -11 are examinable.
  • The exam is worth 30% of the overall assessment of the subject.
  • There will be questions similar to workshop activity questions but not the same.
  • The exam duration is 1.5 hours + 10 minutes reading time.
  • Attend the practice exam during week 12.
  • More information will be provided during the trimester.

Academic Integrity Policy

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What is academic integrity and misconduct? What are the penalties for academic misconduct? What are the late penalties?

How can I appeal my grade?

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Word Limits for Written Assessments

Submissions that exceed the word limit by more than 10% will cease to be marked from the point at which that limit is exceeded.

Study Assistance

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