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EPM5740 | Major Project Group Assignment | Project Risk Management


Stage 1A Deliverables: Due on Week 6 – (20%)

The major elements of Stage 1A report are (but not limited to):

•Risk Management methodology adopted
•Detailed Investigation-
▪Establish the context – internal and external
▪Risk Assessment:

Risk Identification o Risk Analysis

▪Risk Evaluation
•Risk Register

Stage 1B Deliverables: (Due on Week 6 – (15%)

Your project team will prepare an oral presentation of what has been done in Stage 1A.

Stage 2A Deliverables: (Due on Week 11 – (50%)

In Stage 2A, your group would have developed the Risk Management Plan and a final report combining Stage 1 and Stage 2 prepared. The major elements of a Risk Management Plan are, but not limited to:

•Executive Summary
•Table of Content
•Risk Management methodology
•Establishing the context – internal and external
•Risk Assessment – Identification, analysis and evaluation o Tools and techniques employed
•Risk Treatment Schedule and Plan
•Risk Action Plan
•Discussion and recommendations
•Appendix – Risk Register, Stakeholder Register, Risk Matrixes etc.

Stage 2B Deliverables: (Due on Week 12 – (15%)

In Stage 2B, your group will prepare an oral presentation of the Final Report on your Risk Analysis and Strategies. A copy of the presentation PowerPoint is to be uploaded to the appropriate Dropbox on the Vu Collaborate at the end of the presentation.

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