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EPM5730 | Project Stakeholder Management | Management


EPM5730 Project Stakeholder Management Management

Assignment 1: Case study report on EPM5730 Project Stakeholder Management Management:

Note: Individual Report and submission

Modern project management faces many challenges. Discuss how modern management handles the interests of different stakeholder classes. Use stakeholder theory as a starting point for the different schools of managerial thought. What stakeholder model would you propose to be used in project management?

Support your argument with evidence from the literature and identify different stakeholders and their impact/importance and how your model would address their concerns.

EPM5730 Project Stakeholder Management Management

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In particular:

1. Pick one system you like to explain (example: Political system, government system, education system, banking system, etc…)

2. Explain the current management of stakeholders of your chosen system by using stakeholder analysis (Step 1: Identify Your Stakeholders, Step 2: Prioritize Your Stakeholders – Use Power/Interest Grid)

3. Describe stakeholders issues/ problem in your system

Use quality literature and sources of information, including PMBOK®5, to develop a model for stakeholder engagement in project management