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Entrepreneurship in Tourism & Events | Business Plan


Assignment Task [around 4,500 words]

Your business plan accompanying the presentation will be in the form of a report. It should be between 4,000 and 4,500 words long, with a maximum of ten pages of appendices.

The structure of the Business Plan should constitute the following Headings:

1. Executive Summary

2. The business & purpose

3. Product or service

4. Markets & competitors

5. Sales & Marketing plan

6. Management plan

7. Operations plan

8. Financial feasibility and plan (2-year financial projections – P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, break-even, start-up costs, and sensitive analysis)

9. Timescale, risks, and key issues to be addressed, Appendices.

Remember to outline the assumptions behind your forecasts.

All the major clearing banks have Business Start-up packs that will provide valuable guidance.

There are several books on “How to” do a business plan at local libraries that you can use.

Marking Scheme

Market Research         20

Resources – Strengths & Weaknesses 25

Business & Marketing Strategy                 25

Financial Plan             20

Presentation         10

TOTAL                100