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EDU5DLP | Designing Language Learning Programs


Description of Task

•Part 1 (500 words) names the program and outlines: oyour purpose(s) in designing the best possible program for your (intended) context and also makes explicit how your purpose relates to:
▪the context (country; institution) in which you are planning to teach the program
▪the learners who will be taking the program, their backgrounds and motivations/purposes and needs
▪the levels of the learners in relation to
•(a) syllabus-based learner levels and
•(b) research-based descriptions of learner levels other scope and nature of the contact (the number and distribution of the hours and describes the extent of face-to-face and/or technology mediated learning), available teaching/learning facilities and resources in the context o previous history of approaches to language teaching in the context o prevailing assessment processes in the context and teachers’ backgrounds in relation to the target language how your program is innovative in light of the relationship between what you consider desirable (best possible) and the prevailing processes and conditions in your chosen context.

•Part 2 (1,500 words) shows that you understand the nature of the innovations (methodology, assessment, materials) that you are proposing and argues for the choices that you have made for this program and explains why you have made them based on relevant research literature. You must include references to relevant literature from the reading list, but you can include additional relevant references that you have found. Include a Reference list formatted following APA 6. The words in this list are not included in word count.

•Part 3 (equivalent to 2,000 words) is a full program outline using the Program Outline Template available in the LMS. Some of this information is similar to what you will write in Part 1. However, this program outline is addressed to potential learners who might take the program. This means you need to consider the language you use in writing this outline and write it in ways that are accessible to your target learners. Your program must show clear evidence of consistency in the relationships between parts and of how the innovations that you are proposing address key aspects of the current situation of your program.

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