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EDU541 Assessment 3 Lesson Plan Sequence


 Assignment 3 Lesson Plan Sequence

Select an actual classroom learning environment with a diverse student population for the development of a Lesson Plan Sequence. On consultation with the teacher, identify at least four traits of diversity in the classroom. In consultation with the teacher (where possible) gather documentary evidence such as, diagnostic, professional reports, commercial and national testing results, and any anecdotal data on the children from the different learning groups. Interpret this information to guide the group for subsequent lesson planning and strategies. 

The key aspects of the assessment task will be assessed according to the Lesson Plan Sequence marking rubric.

  1. As with assignment 2 a real-world interaction is required. Please make contact with me if this is not possible. CTM students will have access to a class.
  • Ensure that any information used in assignment is de-indentified, that is all names are redacted including the school, teacher etc;
  • The question is asking you to respond to five groups:
  • What is considered mainstream;
  • Four (4) traits of diversity;
  • Read Sherrington (2013);
  • Plan to complete at least four lesson plans. Plan each lesson carefully with explicit teaching and learning processes – only four plans as this will demonstrate ‘deep learning’ by you and quality rather than quantity of learning experiences for students.
  • Make sure you are familiar with APST’s they will be a significant part of your teaching career.

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