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ECO2EDC – Economic Development and Policy


ECO2EDC – Economic Development and Policy Assignment Help

Semester 1 – 2019

Individual Assignment

Due date: 5pm May 31st, 2019

This Assignment carries 40% of the total mark of the subject

Development Path

General Information

Students are to choose a low income economy (LIC) as classified by the World Bank and write a report on the evolution of economic development observed in that country since 1980 (see lecture slides / LMS for classification of countries). Note that this list is only a reference. You can choose a country that is not classified as LIC on the list as long as the country is not a developed country. The report will include statistics on economic growth; the change in per capita income levels, population, and other statistics that characterise the level of development attained from 1980 to the present. The report will also analyse the key reason(s) why the country has performed the way it has over the past decades. This should include reference to the economic theories that are covered in the course.

The report should demonstrate your ability to:

  • Explain the process of economic development and how socio-cultural, political, historical and economic factors affect this process.
  • Research and gather the key economic statistics that characterise the economic development of the country chosen (e.g. income per capita and the Human Development Index).
  • Highlight how this compares with other countries (if you choose to compare).
  • Organise these statistics in a concise way (e.g. with a table).
  • Demonstrate a capacity to use economic principles in the analysis of explain why the selected economy has performed the way it has (reflecting on how these principles fit within a broader global context).
  • Plan and structure the report so that ideas\concepts are logically linked together.
  • Demonstrate precise use of language.

The structure of the report:

  1. Each report should be submitted in Word format, respecting the word count (no more than 2,000 words including tables, figures and references), and using Times New Roman font, in size 12 with single line space. The report in Word format should include all relevant tables and figures.
  2. The report should include the following general sections (subsections with their respective titles and subtitles can be added)
    1. A title that must be of the following format: “(name of your country)’s Development Path”
    1. A brief descriptive abstract (No more than 100 words)
    1. A table of contents
    1. A table of figures (graphs, diagrams, etc.) and tables
    1. A brief introduction
    1. The body of the report (with titles and subtitles of your choice)
    1. A brief conclusion (note that you are NOT required to write recommendations)
    1. A list of your references (at least five). Please use APA style in your citations and referencing.

Specific Contents of the Report

The specific contents of the report, including what development indicators to use and what development theories to refer to will highly depend on the chosen country and its particular characteristics. Please discuss the specific contents with your tutor.  We usually recommend to start with the evolution of the HDI and its components and then focus on some important aspect in the development process of the country you choose.

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