HI6006 Competitive Strategy
March 9, 2018
HI6006 Competitive Strategy
March 9, 2018


HI6006 Competitive Strategy



Describe the Dataset

Note before you start: for assignment 2 you will need to show the steps you took to analyse the dataset. So make sure you record your steps carefully when you answer the following questions (especially #7).

    1. What is the subject matter of the dataset (what is it about?)
    2. What is the origin of the dataset — how do you think it was generated or compiled?
    3. Is any cleanup needed before it is usable in a visualisation? How would you perform the cleanup?
    4. Does the data need to be pre-processed (e.g. summarised, …) before it can be used in the visualisation that you have in mind? How would you perform that pre-processing?
  1. How do you expect (at this early stage) that your visualisation application will loadthe dataset? E.g. database, from file, hard-coded in your javascript program, … Why?
  2. Can the dataset change, or is it possible that additional data is captured that can be used seamlessly in your visualisation?
  3. With reference to the Week 2 lecture slideson diverse taxonomies for data, characterise the dataset in the context of these considerations:
    1. Degree of structuring
    2. Data source / format
    3. [DataVis] Data Types
    4. Type of Dataset
    5. Attribute Types

Image result for Dataset  image

Story, Goals, and Style

Note: as this first assignment is a proposal it is okay if some of these answers change later in the semester — if so, you will need to document the change and the reason.

  1. What story will the visualisaion tell?
  2. Who is the target audience?
  3. What questions will the visualisation help your audience (not yourself!) to answer?
  4. What questions will it help the audience to raise? (These don’tneed to be answered by your visualisation in itself; perhaps another visualisation would answer them. But your own visualisation triggers your audience to think of other questions they might want to look into.)
  5. Are there any dangers of your solution possibly misleading the audience, dependent on the method of visualisation? If so, what will you do to avoid ethical problems?
  6. Which of the following two styles do you currentlyplan for your solution:
    1. a visualisation that contains only oneview/representation, but this representation is relatively novel and creative (not your standard bar charts etc);
    2. one that employs multiplecoordinated (or linked) views where each one is a standard method (e.g. a bar chart) but they work together to tell the story.

Project Schedule

  1. Include a table that outlines the various steps and timelines as you currentlyexpect them to occur.

This concludes the specifications for Assignment 1.

Assignment Marking Scheme

Correct submission through Git, with at least one commit and one directory (assignment1) 1
Presence of the file assignment1/description.html with embedded CSS 1
All questions clearly addressed through 1 or 2 paragraphs 3
Responses are structured clearly and are insightful, precise, concise, and complete 5


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