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Deliverable 2 – Team Concept Selection



In collaboration with your project team, develop a design and a plan for how you will the project specification. As a team, write a report detailing your design and plan.

Report Details

This report should be completed as a team.

The goal of the report is for your team to communicate what you will build, and how you will build it. Imagine you are explaining your plans to your boss or an investor, and you want to make sure they are happy with the overall concept and timeline.

  • Your report should be 2000 – 3000 words, excluding references.
  • Sections and subsections should be numbered (e.g., 1.0 for the first main section, 1.1 for the first subsection).
  • Sources must be formally referenced in ACM style ( authors/reference-formatting).
  • Use the following structure as a guide:
    • 1.0 Introduction

Provide a brief overview of the report and what you will discuss.

  • 2.0 Features and Requirements

Describe the features that you plan on implementing, and any key technologies or libraries you will use to implement them. You may like to include a priority list of the features, or a cost-benefit analysis to guide your development in case you can not complete all of the functionality you planned on implementing due to time or other constraints.

  • 3.0 Design

Describe the overall design of your solution. Include some UML, user interface sketches, or other diagrams where appropriate to help illustrate your design choices.

  • 4.0 Timeline

Present a timeline for how you propose to implement your design. Include a Gantt chart or some other visualisation to illustrate your plan. You might also like to discuss risks to the plan and risk mitigation strategies.

  • 5.0 Summary

Provide a brief summary of the report and what you discussed.

• References
A list of references you used, in ACM style. All references should be referred to in the
main text of the report.

Submission and Assessment Criteria
• This report is due 5pm on Friday of week 7 (5pm on April 23).
• One submission per team. If multiple submissions are made, the most recent one will be
• This report is worth 20% of your final grade, and will be graded out of 20 marks.
• No resubmissions are allowed for this task. A penalty of 10% per day will be applied for late
• Submissions are to be made through the “Assignments” link on Canvas and will be analysed
through Turnitin.
• Your report will be assessed using the marking criteria described in the table below.
Note: Similarities with other students will not be detected and reported by Turnitin until

Note: Similarities with other students will not be detected and reported by Turnitin until
after the due date. It is your responsibility to make sure your work is your own. If you
provide work to another student you will be penalised the same as the student who uses
your work. This includes failure of the assignment, an official penalty notice, and
possible exclusion from the University

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Note: Paying someone to do your assignment for you is one of the highest forms of
Academic Misconduct and it will not be tolerated. Possible penalties for this include
exclusion from the university and revocation of your degree.

Note: A fail grade will be given if Turnitin indicates more than 20% similarity with other published work and/or work submitted by other teams.

CriteriaNeeds ImprovementGoodVery Good
Features and RequirementsOne or more of: Proposed features are unclear or ambiguous.Proposed features are minimally or barely appropriate for the project.Little to no detail provided.Proposed features are clear and unambiguous.Proposed features are appropriate for the project.Mostly appropriate level of detail provided.Proposed features are very clear and well described.Proposed features are highly appropriate for the project.All features described with an appropriate level of detail.
DesignOne or more of: Inappropriate, unclear, or no visualisation provided.Design is not consistent with the proposed features.Inappropriate, unclear, or no discussion of the design provided.Clear and appropriate visualisation provided.Design is mostly consistent with the proposed features.Design is appropriately discussed.Appropriate, very good and highly clear visualisation provided.Design is consistent with the proposed features.Design is clearly discussed and described.
TimelineOne or more of: Poor feasibility with respect to the proposed features, requirements, and design.Inappropriate, unclear, or no visualisation provided.Good feasibility with respect to the proposed features, requirements, and design.Clear and appropriate visualisation provided.Very good feasibility with respect to the proposed features, requirements, and design.Appropriate, very good and highly clear visualisation provided.
Written ExpressionOne or more of: Difficult to read or follow.Poor use of the English language (e.g., lack of proper sentences/ paragraphs, poor use of grammar).Appropriate report structure not used.Follows an appropriate structure.Language is mostly fluent; some grammatical and/or spelling errors may be present.Text is mostly well organised and generally demonstrates a clear flow of ideas.Language is fluent, with minimal or no grammatical and/or spelling errors.Text is well organised, with arguments and ideas flowing naturally and logically.Easy to read and follow.
Academic IntegritySome or no effort is made to cite scholarly ideas, but citation style is poor and does not follow appropriate style guidelines.Ideas are mostly cited correctly, mostly using appropriate style.Ideas are all cited correctly, using appropriate style.

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