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DATA4100 Assessment 1 Creating Visualisations


Assessment 1 Information

Subject Code:                 DATA4100

Subject Name:                Data Visualisation Software Assessment Title:          Creating Visualisations Assessment Type:           Individu al Report                      

Word Count:                    12              Slides                              (+/-10%)

Weighting:                      30 %

Total Marks:                    30

Submission:                   In class (In online workshop)

Due Date:                        Week 5

DATA4100 Assessment 1 Creating Visualisations
DATA4100 Assessment 1 Creating Visualisations

Your Task

Fact Checking a President using data.

  The US president claims that COVID-19 cases and deaths in his country are not as bad as other locations, especially Europe. Donald Trump has continually made statements which do not appear to be supported by the data. For example:

“It’s going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear,…”

The U.S. has “among the lowest case-fatality rates of any major country anywhere in the world.”

“We’re last, meaning we’re first, we have the best,”

  We want you to fact check his claims by making visuals based on data from two different dates (see assessment description)

  You will create persuasive visualisations ranking the US COVID infections, death rates relative to the rest of the world

Software Required

•   Tableau Public/trial version or Power BI

•    PowerPoint

Assessment Description

•   An individual report demonstrating: Visualisations, their effectiveness and interpretation

•   Learning outcomes: LO1, LO2

Face-to-Face students

•   You need to bring a laptop to class to complete this task individually

•   You have 2 hours to perform this task (see instructions below)

•   You can take any materials into the class and the task is open book.

•   At the end of two hours upload your PowerPoint slides to Turnitin (as a PDF file)

Online students

•  You have 2 hours to perform this task (see instructions below) during your online workshop class

•   You use any materials and the task is open book

•   At the end of two hours upload your PowerPoint slides to Turnitin (as a PDF file)

•   You must do the tasks in the online workshop with your camera on

Assessment Instructions (This is for both online and Face-to-Face students)

•   Access two datasets:

  You will be given two excel files at the beginning of the assessment

o For August 2020

o For December 2020

•   Create Six visualisations which make use of:

o different variables

o different graph type, e.g. table/chart/map/tree map/dial/doughnut, etc.

o Two of the visualisations should compare results from the two datasets

•   Cut and paste the graphs into separate slides of PowerPoint (6 slides)

•  For each visualisation provide an interpretation, including an explanation of the summary statistics/analytics that you have used. Explain how the visualisations either contradict or support Donald Trump’s claims above. (2 slides)

•   Explain the theory of user experience design and how you have applied it.  (2 slides)

•   Explain how you have made your visualisations effective in terms of:

i.   pre-attentive attributes ii.   Gestalt laws

iii.   integrity

iv.   ease of use, and

v.   cognitive load                                                                           (2 slides)

Assessment Marking Guide

Data Visualisation Software

Section                                     Detail                                              Marks Available


Interpretation and context

User experience design

Features of Visuals

Create 6 diverse visualisations:

•   Different variables and graph types

•   two effective visuals making comparison between dataset results (Aug 2020 vs now)

•   Interpret results

•   Relate back to fact checking issue (in context) and present

a convincing argument

Outline the theory and application of UX design to their visualisations

Evaluate how to employ the below principles to make their visualisation effective:

•   Pre-attentive attributes

•   Gestalt laws

•   integrity

•   Ease of use

•   cognitive load

3 marks for visualization

5 marks for originality and persuasiveness

2 marks for comparisons

5 marks

3 marks

5 marks

2 + 2+ 1 + 1+ 1

= 7 marks

Important Study Information

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