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Customer Behaviour Evaluation


More specifically this assignment requires you to complete a customer behaviour evaluation and make marketing mix recommendationsfor your:

· B2B target market(approx. 1500-1750 words max)

· B2C target market (approx. 1500-1750 words max)

To do this effectively you will provide a detailed description of the buying behaviour associated with your target customers using the key concepts and theories covered in the unit, namely:

· Buyer decision making processes and models

· Customer motivation

· Perception and the attention gate

· Customer knowledge and learning

· Group and social influences

· Personality, self-concept & emotion

· Customer attitudes

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Since assignment 2 follows on and builds upon assignment 1 it is important that you revisit the target section – you must identify a logical B2C and a logical B2B customer segment to target. I recommend children 8-15 years (and their parents), or tourists, for B2C and schools (primary or secondary) or a corporate sponsor from financial services (banks or mining companies for B2B)

Assignment 2: Marketing planning and mix development for the DSO

Description/Focus: Client evaluation and marketing planning. Value: 60% of unit totalDue date: Sunday, Week 12Length: 3000-3500 (max) Words
General focus
The assignments for MKT502 Clients & Markets involve a real life case study, which will enable you to apply your newly acquired understanding of marketing and customer behaviour to the development of appropriate marketing strategies and marketing initiatives, in both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) contexts.

The Darwin Symphony Orchestra
During the unit the teaching team has provided you with insights into the Darwin Symphony Orchestra’s (DSO) marketing situation, its significant B2C and B2B customer segments, and some of the challenges that it faces.

Assignment description
In Assignment 1 you identified a specific B2B and a specific B2C market segment for the DSO to target. Assignment 2 continues on directly from Assignment 1 and moves to the positioning and marketing mix planning stages of the market segmentation process.

In Assignment 2 you are required to describe the behaviour of your chosen segments in detail using the psychology concepts and theory covered in the unit. You are then to make recommendations for the marketing mix that clearly build upon this understanding of buyer behaviour.

More specifically the assignment will:
Develop understanding of the relevance of psychology, buying behaviour and marketing theory
Help you appreciate the practical application of theory and its relevance to design.