HI6006 Competitive Strategy
March 11, 2018
HI6006 Competitive Strategy
March 12, 2018


HI6006 Competitive Strategy




A Professional Portfolio is a reference folder that allows you to gather evidence that you can use to demonstrate your goals, competencies, ongoing professional development, career achievements and accomplishments and experiences [1]. Professional portfolios are valuable tools to: help you to demonstrate that you are developing, maintaining and enhancing your skills; assist you in identifying current and future training needs; and prepare profile statements linked to registration. Professional portfolios are also useful to:

• Use in performance management/development sessions
• Assist with writing job applications (VC and address of selection criteria)
• Demonstrate abilities at job interview
• Support discussion reclassification
• Gain accreditation for prior learning and prior experiential learning with higher education institutions
• Support an application for further study at a further or higher educational institution
• Support an application for funding for formal study.

Developing a portfolio is an important element in pursuing a professional career in any field. In today’s competitive work environment, especially with use of the Internet and social media, it’s vital that you stand out among your peers. Typical components of a professional portfolio may include [1]:

• Education and Qualification Details
• Memberships and Registration Details
• Competence
• Assessment (Self, peer, supervisor)
• Log (attainment of specific competencies, e.g. First Aid)
• Professional Development Log
• Individual Performance Reviews & Development Plans
• Reflective Practice
• Publications and Conference Presentations
• Case study presentation
• Teaching and Training Activities
• Significant Event Record
• Achievement and Awards.

Your professional portfolio is a cumulative record of your learning and the development of your professional practice throughout your participation in this course. Note that

• To fulfil the requirement of Assessment Item 1 you need to submit only an INITIAL version of professional portfolio, which should demonstrate your professional development goals, competencies, ongoing professional development, career achievements and accomplishments and experiences at the time when semester commences.
• Throughout your participation in this course you should maintain and update the Professional Portfolio frequently and make it demonstrable for your learning and the development of professional practice in the project.

General Requirements

• It is your responsibility to ensure that all aspects of the assessment requirements are covered.
• You should ensure that your work is legible, professionally laid out and that you have checked the spelling and grammar.


Part – I

Create a post on [Forum – Finding Team Members] to introduce yourself and to attract students to form a team. The posted message should address the following issues.

1. Introduce yourself briefly;
2. List three projects (selected from PROJECT LIST or bringing in your own) in order of your preference.
3. Express your willingness of finding members to form a team explicitly and clearly;
4. Expectations (e.g., easy-going, hardworking, etc.) to the students you wish to work with.
5. Any other issues in your concerns in team-forming.
6. You should also follow up any posts that show similar interests as yours and try to form a team as soon as possible.

Part – II

1. Submit the initial Professional Portfolio through Assignment 1 Submission Portal. Note that you should put all materials in a single portfolio document or zipped folder.

Marking Criteria

In the post created on [Forum – Finding Team Members]

• the self-introduction is brief yet clear to draw a profile of you [1 mark];
• three projects are listed in order of your preference [1 mark];
• willingness of finding members (with expectations) is explicitly expressed for forming a team [1 mark]
• The Professional Portfolio comprehensively demonstrates professional development goals, competencies, ongoing professional development, working experiences, and career achievements and accomplishments, etc. [2 marks]


1. Teamworker: A Web-based Team Management System


In team-based courses managing student teams efficiently is often a challenging issue. Many courses currently still rely on human effort to manage teams, such as manual documentation and track keeping. Such a challenging issue raises an urgent need of a computer-based system for more efficient team management, especially with consideration of both on-campus and external students. The project would develop a web-based system with connection to a database to manage teams. The aim of the project is at promoting the teaching and learning performance in team-based project courses.

Project Goal:

A web-based system with online access for clients to manage teams at different classifications and privileges.


• To develop a system providing online accessibility for clients
• To develop a providing classifications and privileges as different security setting for different groups of clients;
• To develop a system with connection to a MySQL database for management of teams.
• To fully test the system with predefined test classes and test cases.
• The system should be developed by agile software development methodology.


Students are expected to possess necessary background knowledge and reasonable level of skills for the followings:

• Java which is preferable for system implementation;
• MySQL which is preferable or database management;
• Firefox which is preferable for the default web browser for online access to the system;
• Microsoft Windows 7 which is preferable for the default operating system for the running and developing environment.

Expected outcomes

• An implemented team management system that has been successfully tested;
• A report documents the related technical details for future use and maintenance of the system.


2. Cyber solution for small business


Small business requires a low cost way of building a web site linked to a database of stock. The web page should provide information drawn from a database, including price and availability. Shoppers should be able to use shopping cart, save the shopping list and use the shopping list for orders later on.
The whole process of creating, updating and posting a web page on line and populate the database should be manageable by a business manager, with minimal IT background and training. Software used should be open sourced and preferably free software. The deliverables include a set of application programs, interface software and step by step instruction manual.


3. Web-based Image Organiser


The goal is to create a web-based image browser (part I) as well as image metadata editor (part II). Using both PHP and MySQL, create a server-side program that:

1. Indexes all image files on a disk: retrieve the image thumbnail as well as all image metadata and store in a MySQL database;
2. Is able to re-scan a directory efficiently, updating only the metadata of images that have changed since the last scan;
3. Allows end-users to browse the image library by grouping/sorting on metadata attributes as well as (partial) path names (e.g. as in Picasa)
4. Allow users to update image metadata (e.g. EXIF, IPTC, XMP); the update should affect both the original files as well as the MySQL database (possibly as a side-effect of rescanning)


Written in PHP and MySQL, using modern AJAX libraries for client-side rendering. Metadata extraction as well as modification must be done as efficiently as practical as the software would need to be able to organise large image repositories.


4. Cloud Computing for Computer Science Education


There are considerable advantages in supporting computer science education by means of cloud services. A special case of a cloud service is simulation. This project will study the use of an existing cloud service for simulation of networks and assess its effectiveness for computer science education.

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