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CSC10214 Designing the user experience Assignment 1




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Please complete all of the following details and then make this sheet the first page of each file of your assignment – do not send it as a separate document.

Your assignments must be submitted as either Word documents, text documents with .rtf extension or as .pdf documents. If you wish tosubmit in any other file format please discuss this with your lecturer well before theassignment submission date.             

Student Name: ____________________________
Student ID No.: ____________________________
Unit Name: Designing the User Experience
Unit Code: CSC10214
Tutor’s name: ____________________________
Assignment No.: Assignment 1, Part A – Design Documentation
Assignment Title: Interactive Web Content
Due date: ____________________________
Date submitted: ____________________________


I have read and understand the Rules Relating to Awards (Rule 3 Section 18 – Academic Misconduct Including Plagiarism) as contained in the SCU Policy Library. I understand the penalties that apply for plagiarism and agree to be bound by these rules. The work I am submitting electronically is entirely my own work.

Signed: (please type your name)   ____________________________
Date: ____________________________


Design Documentation

By [Your Name]

Table of Contents

Introduction. 1

Wireframe. 1

Theme. 1

Storyboards. 1

Technical specifications (optional) 3

Media List/References (if required) 3


A short description of the storybook should go here.  This could also include a background to your story, what inspired you, etc. 

(1-2 paragraphs only required here for Assignment 1.)


The wireframe prototype to demonstrate this storybook can be found at: https://_________________


This story has been created with a ‘Cartoon’ theme option. 

(1-2 paragraphs only required here to include some details of your theme)


The following storyboards on the following pages provide a more detailed explanation of the planned product.

(Note that:

  • At least one storyboard should be provided for each page of your story. 
  • You may need to provide a separate storyboard for some of your banner/animations in order to describe/demonstrate your planned design ideas. 
  • The following storyboard format is one option.  You may choose other formats as long as you include the same details)

Title: Home Page                                                        Frame ID: Home


Media Used:




Description (purpose / objectives):


User Interactions Required:

User Feedback:

Navigation / Links:

Technical specifications (optional)

(Simple example below could be provided if these details are not provided on storyboards)

Web page dimensions: 600 x 900 pixels.  Banner dimensions:

1)      Horizontal banner:  600 pixels wide x 90 pixels high;

3)      Vertical banner: 160 pixels wide x 600 pixels high;

2)      Button 1:  125 pixels x 125 pixels;

4)      Button 2: 180 pixels wide x 150 pixels high;

5)      Custom 1: 320 pixels x 50 pixels;

6)      Custom 2: 300 pixels x 250 pixels.

Media List/References (if required)

(If you create your own images, this section is not required.  Otherwise, you should reference all images that you found online or other sources for your story. 

Note: It is recommended that when you search for images online to use, we suggest you use search parameters set with permission for reuse or within creative commons.)

Image name or description Resource address/URL

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