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Critical Analysis Assessment task 1 | Others


Critical Analysis Assessment task 1 Others Assessment Details

Critical Analysis Assessment task 1 Others.The Reading Material book (RM) contains Recommended Readings and four sections of Topic Readings. (1200 words)

The topic readings section, titled, Section 2 Transformational Leadership is to be used for the Spring 2019 assessment task. The section contains four articles (Reading 2.1 through to Reading 2.4) students should read the four articles and then must choose one of them and complete a detailed critical analysis of that chosen paper.

Critical Analysis Assessment task 1 Others

You may refer to other articles (correctly referenced) in the Reading Material book or other recent peer-reviewed journal papers. If you rely substantially on a paper not included in the RM you must attach a copy of the paper as an appendix to your assignment. You must avoid opinion; do provide logical, considered reasons for your analysis of the paper’s approach to its subject, assertions, and conclusions. Identify the key ideas and concepts being put forward by the author. Rigorously consider the relevance, validity, consistency, and logic of the evidence provided by the author to justify his/her ideas or to support the conclusions reached. Discuss any identifiable bias or motive that may have colored the author’s approach or influenced the formulation of the conclusions.

Applications or relevant knowledge from other sources may be used in this discussion provided they are completely referenced. Original and thoughtful comment well-substantiated will be highly regarded. Good presentation, structured organisation of the content and clarity of writing are basic expectations for a satisfactory report.

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