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Coursework 2 Summative Individual Research report


Coursework 2: Summative Individual Research report (60%)

In this extended written report, you are asked to produce a cumulative, end of year assignment that is based upon real-world evidence gathering, data collection, evaluation and analysis. It includes the need to conduct primary research as part of the project.

Choose a real-life business that you have direct access to. This might be one that you work for, or that a family member or friend runs and perform ONE of the following two tasks:

  1. Choose an SME or large-sized company with Employee Learning and Development (ELD) practices in evidence that you have access to. Conduct an analysis of this company’s ELD practices using a range of both secondary research techniques (studying company learning and development documents, staff handbooks, websites, media and academic sources) and also primary research tools (interviews with key personnel, managers, Human Resource administrators industry experts, conducting a staff survey etc.) Your written report should consist of the following:
  1. Permission from the Company Director or equivalent to access his/her staff
  2. Description of the company and aims of the assignment
  3. How the report has been informed by theories you have learned during the module.
  4. Description of the methods that you used
  5. The results of your analysis
  6. Discussion of how the organisation’s ELD practices align with its strategy documents
  7. Discuss which ELD practices have been most successful and where there are weaknesses that could be improved.
  8. Suggest policies and measures that the company could take to overcome these problems.

your report should be approx 3,500 words excluding references and appendices

Guidance on How to Write your Report:

Your report need to address the task in an appropriate academic fashion, i.e. your arguments need to be based on theoretical and empirical evidence and actually answer the question –this is crucial! If you fail to answer the question in your report you will fail the entire report even though your report might have touched upon the subject. It is very important that you cite your references correctly in your report and also include a bibliography. Failure to do this may leave you open to allegations of plagiarism and you may score zero for your assignment or face disciplinary proceedings. For guidance about how to write a report and use citations and references correctly


The researcher requires to created min 10 questionnaires that is answered by the company employees (3 employees’ min)

Information of the company which is required.

Find a company for Assignment 2 where you can conduct an Employee Learning and Development audit !

Find out…

Company Name & Location

Key members of staff

Company Aims and Objects/Strategy

Status of Company (i.e. PLC, Charity etc…)

Number of Employees

Brief about company products/services and customer base (where and how dose it trade (i.e. retail etc))

ELD strategy

How does ELD strategy link to company aims and objectives

There is also a letter you must use to contact and gain permission for research purposes!!!

Your Report must include:

  • Title page: student name, ID number, title, word count, module code, tutor’s name, date.
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction:   this part sets the scene of the report.  It provides a quick overview of the topic and explains the structure of the report.
  • Main body:  directly addressed the report topic.  You need to make clear arguments here and use sources (books, journal articles etc.) to support your analysis/arguments.
  • Conclusion: this part concludes the report by summarising the main arguments made.
  • References:  a complete list of references is provided at the end of the report.
  • Be submitted both to the unihelp desk and also uploaded onto ‘Turnitin’ by the same deadline.
  • Please note that on Turnitin you may submit multiple copies (to observe your plagiarism percentage) but the system requires at least 24 hours to be updated before second submission can be made
  • Deviation from word limit is accepted at level of +/- 10%
  • Use font Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing 1.5, justified alignmen

NB marks will be deducted if the following documents are missing or incomplete:

2) Ethics approval form, 3) Two pages of interview transcript as evidence of your primary research, 4) Signed approval from the Company Manager (or equivalent) to allow you to interview his/her staff. 5) Poor referencing, 6) If the text is 10% over or under word-count 7) If not submitted in hardcopy as well as via Turnitin

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