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Comprehensive Implementation Proposal


Identify business for review can be any kind of organization to which the information system should be applied.

Introduction to the organization, what does it do, how is its present information system inefficient and why to apply a new one for its efficiency

Develop a comprehensive implementation proposal for an information system that uses a systems approach. The proposal should be targeted at a potential ‘sponsor’ organization that will need to be convinced of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the proposed new system. Choose an information system (e.g., ERP systems, CRM systems, SCM Systems, Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Executive Information Systems, Enterprise Portals, Data Warehouse & Data Mining Applications, Enterprise Collaboration Systems) Knowledge Management Systems, and so on, that you have studied in this unit.

Alternatively, you may wish to combine features of several systems Develop a proposal which targets an organization and its information system. The chosen information system can be any but should show clear understanding of why it is beneficial and why is it not? what are the various factors which have led to the inefficiency of the system? Most important point: Clear and good description of the reasons why has the proposed information system been chosen and how will it be efficient for the organization?

Brief introduction to

1)The Functional specs (forms/supplies/orders)

2)Technological specs – (architectural/scalability etc)

Effect of customers(end user/suppliers/clients) on the present and post implementation.

Describe Operating environments:

1) exterior

2) interior

Explain how the system will be developed, tested and implemented

Discuss post-implementation activities.

The next part of the assignment is very crucial and has maximum marks.

It needs the

· definition of the systems development life cycle to be used for the problem/opportunity

· detail description of STEPS of SDLC

· description of design

· the reasons why it has been chosen for the proposed information system

· how is it beneficial for the system and the

Your proposed system could help the ‘sponsor’ by: </o:p>

• improving an existing manual information system </o:p>

• introducing a new information system </o:p>

• creating a new business opportunity</o:p>

• improving organizational productivity. The sponsor could be: </o:p>

• top management of your company </o:p>

• an investor </o:p>

• a financial institution which will lend you money </o:p>

• a client who has engaged you as a consultant but is not the same as the financial sponsor.</o:p>

further details have been given in the attached assignment.

· The proposed system must address an identifiable problem/ opportunity that exists in the sponsor organization and relate to particular aspects of the organizations overall strategic directions.

· It is important that you select the features of your system carefully and justify your selection. Do not just use (be critical of the use of) the standard features of a commercially available software package. For the purposes of this assignment, try to keep the system that you are proposing to a manageable size</o:p>

The next part of assignment should have Discussion on project management, risk management and change management associated with the implementation of the proposed information system.