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COMP 1115 MS Project Assignment


COMP1115 MS Project Assignment help Grorge Brown College

You will be developing your own project for this assignment. Please choose a project (ex. event, small renovation, website development) with at least three workers including yourself (assume everyone will be paid at least Minimum Wage). Review the slides, book and LinkedIn Learning videos as necessary.

This project will be strictly marked on the logical and consistent choices you make in thinking through your project. Make sure that everything is labeled correctly and logically. Anyone should be able to look at the project file and understand it without any help.

You will hand in the project file from your computer. You will also have to answer some questions below.

Please type or write answers where you see lines _________ in this outline.

COMP 1115 MS Project Assignment
COMP 1115 MS Project Assignment
  1. Write up a project goal.
  • Create a Microsoft Project File for your project and name it appropriately including your family name and student number.
  • Choose a Start or Finish date for your project. Decide if you will Schedule from Project Start Date or Schedule from Project Finish Date. Make sure your choices are in line with your Project Goal.

  • You might want to start on paper. Develop a series of tasks and sub-tasks for this project. There should be no fewer than twelve tasks with specific durations (not including Summary Tasks (ex. Analysis) and milestones for example). Think about reasonable durations for your tasks. Tasks should make logical sense and start with verbs. Put these tasks into your project file in the correct order. Try to group them appropriately using a clear Work Breakdown Structure. Think about what kinds of dependencies you will need to link tasks with? Get Help in assignments from best assignment helper agency in Canada !!
  • Set reasonable and logical Durations for all your tasks.
  • Create Dependencies among the Tasks. Explain any points where you included non-Finish-to-Start (FS) Dependencies.
  • Include at least two Milestones.
  • Include lag or lead (negative lag) time at least twice in your project. Briefly explain your choices.
  • Schedule at least two holidays over the course of your project.
  1. Include a Recurring Task in your project.
  1. Create a logical Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) by creating Summary Tasks.
  1. Include at least three work resources.
  1. Include at least five material resources.
  1. Consider logical costs for resources and any fixed costs.
  1. Assign Resources to your Tasks.