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CIS8001 Assignment 1 Technology Entrepreneurship



CIS8001 Assignment 1 Technology Entrepreneurship

DescriptionMarks out ofWtg(%)Word limitDue date
Assignment 1100252500 (±10%)3 August 2020


Business Case

This is a team-based assessment (only one submission must be made by the designated team-leader)

In the light of the rapid technology development and the increasing number of people using their own mobile devices for the a wide range of purposes, you and your team have come up with an idea for a smart device app for a particular problem/opportunity that has potential to be developed and marketed by yourself.

CIS8001 Assignment 1 Technology Entrepreneurship
CIS8001 Assignment 1 Technology Entrepreneurship

Prepare a business case for the strategic development, implementation of your idea. A business case helps to determine whether or not a project justifies investment into the project. The business case defines the problem and its impact and performs a cost benefit analysis for the proposed solution.

Your Business case report will include:

·         Letter of transmittal

  • Cover sheet (including team name, team member names and student numbers, and document word count)
  • Executive summary: This section should be completed after the rest of the document is finished and should be a succinct summary of all your major points; summarize the main points and include sufficient detail so that your potential investor or promoter can use this page as a ready reference.
  • Description of problem statement: Summarize clearly here the problem/opportunity that the project is aiming to address; the current landscape in which the problem/opportunity presents itself, the objectives of the project; products/services that will be offered, etc.
  • Description of the benefits of the project: A value proposition is a positioning statement that explains what benefit you provide for who and how you do it uniquely well; why your project is distinctly better than the alternatives.
  • Market Analysis: This section is designed to give an understanding of how well you understand your market including market segment, market size, challenges of entering to the market and etc.
  • Target Audiences: Identify the group of customers most likely to respond positively to your product based on factors such as location, age, income, and so on.
  • Competitive analysis: Describe direct and indirect competitors. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors or competing products?
  • Resource and operational plan: including infrastructure, resources and equipment and etc.
  • Financial analysis (benefit/cost analysis, budget estimation): Summarize the benefits/costs and supporting assumptions associated with the proposed project, including ongoing costs.
  • Risk management: Identify the major risks for your project; explain how you want to prevent or manage these risks.
  • Preliminary Project plan: Including milestones, deliverables and time estimation.


  1. We will ask you to develop a mockup of your app idea using the Balsamiq wireframe software in Assignment 2. Therefore, make sure that you select a project that can be further developed into a prototype in the next assignment.
  2. This assignment must follow the USQ guidelines for report writing.

See: and-writing/reports and the Useful Links on the page.

The number words for Assignment 1 is approximately 2500, EXCLUDING the letter of transmittal, title page, executive summary, table of contents, list of references, and appendices.


  1. The file naming guidelines are as follows:

It is important that you use this convention to ensure that assignments can be tracked: Familyname_studentnumber_teamname_CIS8001_A1

  • Replace ‘familyname’ with the family or surname of the designated team leader
    • Replace ‘studentnumber’ with the student number of the designated team leader

(which starts with ‘00’)

  • Replace ‘teamname’ with the name of your team
  • Submit your assignment using the Online Assignment Submission link on the Study Desk
  • Late submission of assignment work a. Late assignments will be penalized unless permission has been granted by the course leader BEFORE the assignment due date. Late assignments may be penalized according the USQ policy.


  1. Ideas obtained from sources must be included in your discussion by expressing the idea in your words and citing the source using the Harvard Referencing style (see:

2. You must use at least five (5) academically sound sources other than the textbook in completing this report

  • Direct quotes of more than five (5) words will not be considered a demonstration of your knowledge and will be assessed accordingly.
  • The assignment must be the expression of work undertaken by the team. It is acceptable to discuss course content with others to improve your understanding and clarify requirements, but solutions to this assignment must be done by members of the team only.
  • An Assignment submitted after the due date without an approved extension of time will be penalized. The penalty for late submission is a reduction by five percent (5%) of the maximum Mark applicable for the Assignment, for each University Business Day or part Business Day that the Assignment is late. An Assignment submitted more than ten

(10) University Business Days after the due date will have a Mark of zero recorded for that Assignment.

  • NOTE: Your assignment will be sent automatically to the plagiarism checking website

Turnitin when you submit your assignment.