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February 21, 2018
HI6006 Competitive Strategy
February 21, 2018


HI6006 Competitive Strategy


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Task 1

Read each both scenarios and give your response in regards to any legal or ethical considerations.

Scenario 1 – Gaining client consent        (15 marks)

A client has arrived to have his hearing tested as part of his workplace’s annual hearing screening program. The employer is paying for the hearing test and client will get a copy of the results. Before commencing the test you are legally required to get the client’s signature, stating that he is happy for his results to be released to his employer. The client refuses to sign the consent form. How would you proceed?  (100 – 200 words)

 Scenario 2 – Client not giving true results          (15 marks)

A client is referred for a hearing test from WorkCover. The client can converse easily with you without any visual cues; can answer questions in the history without you needing to raise your voice. You expect the client to have hearing within normal limits. However, the audiogram shows a moderate flat sensorineural hearing loss. You suspect a non-organic hearing loss. Describe how you would proceed with this client. (100 – 200 words)

Task 2

Read the following two incidents and formulate your answers in the space provided

Incident 1           (15 marks)

A 15 year old child arrives for a hearing test appointment alone. Consider the following questions and then summarise your answers in 100 – 200 words.

  • Is this an issue?
  • Why or why not?
  • What do you do?

Incident 2           (15 marks)

A client has purchased a hearing aid and wants to return it after the three month trial period. The client expects a full refund. When you explain the trial period is over and they can no longer return the aid and get a refund, the client claims they were not told of the return policy. The refund policy states: “Refund of hearing device cost will only be paid if the device is returned within the 3 month trial period. There will be a deduction from the refund of $150.00 to cover administrative fees.” Consider the following questions and then summarise your answers in 100 – 200 words.

  • What do you do?
  • How would you ensure clients are informed of the refund policy?

Task 3

Question A         (15 marks)

Why is it important to share feedback with your staff members relating to the work practices that could be improved to meet legal and ethical responsibilities?

Question B         (15 marks)

Give an example of at least three workplace improvements that have been designed and implemented in your/any other organisation in order to enhance the workplace responsiveness to legal and ethical requirements.

Question C          (10 marks)

Review the image below and discuss the possible legal and ethical issues of the situation depicted. What work practice improvements would you suggest to the audiometrist in this image? When viewing the image take into account the following:

Ken is the Audiometrist. He works for Capitol City Hearing. There are 3 clinicians in this hearing clinic – 1 Audiologist and 2 Audiometrists. Ken tested Ben’s hearing using Play Audiometry testing technique.

Ben is six years old and he attended the hearing clinic with his 17 year old sister Sarah. Ben and Sarah’s mother could not make the appointment today due to work commitments.


I have:

  • answered all questions in the space provided
  • clearly identified my answers

If you are unable to complete this task for a specific reason, please contact your teacher to discuss alternative arrangements for demonstrating your skills and knowledge.

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