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chcece018 answers


CHCECE018 Nurture Creativity in Children Proof Reading Services

Activity 1

1.Make a list of at least six natural and found materials not mentioned in the text that could be made available to children to create works of art.

Six natural and found materials that could be made available to children to creates works of art are,

1.Wooden Sticks

2.Cotton and old pieces of colorful clothes  

3. Various types of plastic bottles

4.Art papers


6.Different types of marble

CHCECE018 answers

2.Describe an activity that would allow children to use natural and found materials to be creative. Be specific. In 150 words describe what you would do and what children need to do step-by-step. Identify any material that would be needed. You cannot use examples provided in the text.

An example of the creative activity by children using natural and found material is, constructing boats by wooden sticks.

Children will need:

1.Wooden Sticks of different types of shapes and sizes.



4.Normal paper

The following steps needed to build boats are,

Educators let children choose different kinds of wooden sticks for their boats. Posts choosing of sticks children are provided with a picture of a boat and they follow the image to create their own boats. Then they glue the sticks according to the picture of the boat.  In this process, the educators should help the children as they are attempting a new thing. After that, they painted their boats and add papers to decorate the boat. Educators must encourage the children to choose the favorite colors of them respectively. Children can use ropes or cenotaph papers for better finishing.

Activity 2

Identify three different materials that could be used by children to express themselves creatively. Suggest an activity that would allow them to this for each of the materials you have chosen (that is there should be three separate activities)

An example of a creative activity using empty plastic bottles is to give children an opportunity to build several pen stands, flower vases, and paper stands. For instance, they might be given creases, color papers, glue and various shiny objects so that, they can cut the edge of the plastic bottle and attach varied shapes of paper cuttings, shiny objects such as stickers to the bottle by applying glue. Teachers should help children with scissors because they might end up injuring themselves. Children can also use paints to draw lines upon the plastic bottles if they want.

Using cotton and old colored clothes children can make stuff toys. At first, they draw a number of outlines of both sides of dolls on the colorful clothes and cut them. Then children can place cotton on a side of the piece of cloth and covered the cotton by the back side of the doll and stitch them using needles to make a toy. However, they need help from the educator in this activity. After that, they can paint eyes and mouth upon the cotton toys. These toys might be inspired from the cartoons, characters from the books or from individual toy collection.