Changing focus of human resource management

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January 27, 2018
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January 27, 2018

Changing focus of human resource management

Changing Focus of

Human Resource Management

HRM is an organizational practice that every corporation engages to make sure its people have proper tools to deal with all issues in an organization. The areas HRM deals with are recruitment, affairs related to compensation, talent acquisition, managing performance of the existing employees, development of organization, wellness and safety of the employees, motivating employees to achieve organizational goals, administration and conducting training session to elevate the efficiency of employees.

In other words, HRM is a strategic approach that organization takes up to manage its people, environment and culture. An organizational with effective HRM enables its people to contribute towards the growth of the organization and achieve organizational goals and objectives. This is the traditional description of responsibilities that any HRM in an organization has to fulfill.

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But HRM has taken a major turn from the traditional path during the last few decades; the responsibilities of HR manager being upgraded. Instead of administering or handling transactional roles, the HR personnel are now expected to add value to the strategic utilization of employees’ potentials, propose employee recommendation program to ensure employees’ performance growth and implement them in operation with measurable ways.

With the increased market competition, employees are considered as the most valued source in many industries. Employers register the fact that skilled and nurtured workforce is the only way to keep an organization running in the competition.

Revised Roles of Human Resource (HR) Manager

The HR managers no more take directions from the executive team; instead of taking directions, they are now authorized to sit in the executive table and recommend approaches, business solutions and processes that work to enhance the workability of the employees. The revised roles that employees in HRM department are accountable to are discussed below:

Strategically lead the company in the direction of the growth and suggests HRM metrics and measurements to demonstrate their value. For that, it requires to keep their employers and organization safe from any lawsuit which may result in workplace chaos.

The Human Resources department has two clients to serve – employees and managers. Today, modern HR departments have many people to take care of. The department must treat all the organization’s shareholders – customers, managers, executives, owners, stockholders and employees equally.

In the modern era, the HR department has to identity the opportunities in relation with organizational growth and development. On other hand, the HR manager still has to act as an employees’ advocate to ensure that they are motivated to take challenges in the workplace.

The purpose of modern HR manager is to ensure the organization sustain the competition. Moreover, the employees working in HRM department work towards connecting the employees with the business priorities.

The most significant change that HRM department has experienced is the shift of focus from fulfilling expectation of employees and manager to creating compelling HR agendas that would benefit the organization.

With the changing focus of HRM, the role of HR manager has gone through some amendments as well. While putting primary focus on delivering the best solution to the business issues, the HR manager is also liable to be a strong consultant to business leaders. Moreover, the person needs to give attention to the productivity and performance and workplace issues.

Today, HR managers share objectives and goals with business leaders. They are both accountable for deciding targets and agreed upon it. The HR manager acts as a leader as well as manager in the strategic projects which concentrates on the change management agenda in the function.

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Human Resource (HR) Policy


By definition, it is a fundamental statement that directs how employees should be managed under the roof of an organization. In other words, the human resource policy refers to the codified, systematic and disseminated set of rules that decides and regulates how HRM department should work in an organization and how human resources will be treated in order to fulfill the organizational objectives, along with the rights and responsibilities the department and management will be bestowed upon.

In past, organizations have experienced disputes, divisiveness and dissatisfaction among the employees because of the absence of human resource policy. Some organizations do not have a policy at all. In some cases, human resource policy refers to some vague guidelines that are dependent on the mood, attitude and discretion of the supervisor. The only remedy that modern organizations can come up with is assembling a set of rules that cover all sorts of issues likely to be concerned with the workplace.


A human resource policy should work to fulfill several functions in an organization. Firstly, the organization should have the rules and regulations in a written format; it should be penned down in a format that guides the supervisors and manager to follow the specific rules and regulations. There are several characteristics that ensure that a human resource policy is usable and will benefit the employees as well as the employer of the organization. The characteristics are described below:

First and foremost, the language of the policy should be lucid to understand. Bureaucrats tend to phrase things to suit their intellect, but this does not work in this case. If any HRM department wants the policy to be implemented, it has to be written in such manner that anyone can readily understand the content.

There should be enough copies of the policy so that every manager and supervisor has a copy with them. It is also necessary that the publication does not cost the company much and can be upgraded and modified easily. If there are certain changes, they need to be included. Some organizations have loose leaf binder with specific page number on them. Whenever the policy needs some alteration, they just add another page/revised page and exclude the previous page.

The policy pages should attach if there is any disclaimers to announce. If HRM department wants to ensure the content is not used inappropriately or for purposes that are not intended to, the HRM department should involve a disclaimer under it.

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