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Case Study Assignment Murdoch


                 4. Case Study

Identify and explore one example of Indigenous community development. While we will discuss some examples of Indigenous community development projects as a part of this course, you are invited to read widely and may chose a relevant example that is not a part of this unit content.

In 2000 words, you are required to undertake an extensive literature search and provide a review of a community development project undertaken by or in partnership with an Indigenous community.

Important in this case study is a discussion of (but not limited to):

  • Background thecommunity
  • Exploration of issue or aspiration that the project seeks toaddress
  • Clear outline of theproject
  • Stakeholders (who has been involved and to whatextent)
  • Strengths
  • Limitations

The essay should be a report of your reading and research. Therefore, you must

draw on a solid body of literature, including a minimum of 12 references.

Some relevant examples are given in the LMS- please check this and follow this type of writing skill. Use Murdoch library for material, Murdoch readings if possible from LMS and use google scholar. Please use Murdoch library. Otherwise university will not pass us because they think we are studying their material.

          1)  Case study – the Noongarpedia Project

          2)  Case study – NPY Women’s Council

           3)  Case study – Quop Maaman Project

Some indigenous communities in Australia  such as Amata, Black stone, Djarindjin-Lombadin.  

We have to do work on any one indigenous community and one community development project done by any company such as Big Hart, Rio Tinto etc. Cover all the factors which are used for their education, health, well being, jobs, medical etc