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Care of the older person assignment sample


Care of the older person assignment sample by Ireland Assignment Help

Whether you’re a scholar in an aged care course of nursing course or any other course from Irish universities and college, You must have to write an assignment on the care of older person during the course. you must agree to the fact that you have to complete lots of assignments on caring of the elderly during the care skills assignment for Care of the older person assignment sample.

Many Ireland students couldn’t find essay assignment writing on older people much interesting. But no matter how much you hate them, you can’t avoid them. Here we are providing you a sample of care of the older person assignment.

Sample assignment on the care of old person by a Night Shift Care Supporter

I am considering an 89 years old man for this assignment of older person care. We know that aging is the process that includes certain mental & physical changes in an individual. We can’t do the same work with full of energy which we are used to. We struggle with our body & mind which is full of fading memories. Aging is not something a body becomes old day by day but it is a nature in which mind is also growing old with time.

care of the older person assignment sample
care of the older person assignment sample

In this elderly care assignment essay we consider

Riley, an 89 years old man. With age personal experience also grows old. when asked about his family & educational background he explained to us that how he moved from Austria to Ireland in 1952. He was a Chief Petty Officer in the Irish navy in the smuggling prevention department. His previous work experience was extremely active working on the ships.He told us how he enjoyed his life after retirement. He lost his wife at 67. After that he becomes depressed. his social life was full of struggles. He had few friends. His half body is paralyzed. He doesn’t have children. We ensure that whether he is wearing comfortable clothes or not. Usually, he sleeps at 10 but today he was continuously talking to us. So get Care of the older person assignment sample with Punjab Assignment help.

We feed him, he lost the sense of taste but the memories in his mind are not faded with time. He dropped some food on his clothes. I gave him a bath then I changed his clothes. I gave him medicine & a glass full of milk so he can sleep easily. Now he was lying straight on his bed. I sit beside him & put my hand on his forehead. He was in deep sleep now.

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The assignment above is an example of caring for an old person by a care skill supporter which gives you an idea that how can we write older age person care assignment. If you searching for an assignment writer who can write high quality & unique assignments on older people and their needs for you then you can contact our Ireland & Dublin based Assignment writers.

care skills student in Ireland gets many kinds of assignments such as report writing, essay writing, thesis paper, dissertation, case studies, homework, coursework, etc.  as a part of the curriculum depends on the FETAC level you have applied.

Though assignment writing on care for an older person is a very daunting task, it becomes worse, when you are not told which topic to write on and you have to select an appropriate topic for caring of the elderly essay.

Most of the academic institutes in Ireland don’t assign a topic to the students to write an older age assignment because they think, selecting an aged care topic on their interest area, help them to perform better. But unfortunately, it burdens the students as they got extra responsibility for selecting an interesting topic.

Moreover for the students studying care skill courses, who are already grinding between studying theoretical and practical subjects, selecting a fresh and interesting topic to write an assignment is exactly like climbing on Everest.

While selecting a good assignment topic on older person care, you need to consider many factors because you cannot get higher academic grades while writing a nursing assignment on a random topic. So there are some factors that you need to consider before writing an assignment.

Need care of the older person assignment sample instantly ? Hire Expert Writers Now

  1. Analyze your interest area: Before you select any topic on the elderly essay assignment, you need to critically do a self-analysis and select the area of your discipline which you find the most interesting. Writing on your interest area is always beneficial and you can complete your care skills assignment more interestingly.
    So decide your interest area before you research to select an older age person assignment topic.
  2. Brainstorm idea: When you have selected your interest area, next, you need to focus on that area and conduct research and select the list of potential topics. The selection of the topic widely depends on the type of assignment, you are writing. If you are writing a research paper or dissertation paper then remember, do not select a topic with is not too broad because conducting research on the broad area is almost impossible within the deadline and don’t select even a narrow topic because then finding appropriate information on the topic will become a hard nut to crack. To select the topics, you should consider the textbooks, books available at the library, old assignment paper, the internet, journals, and published articles.
  3. Research on the topics: Once you have narrow down the list topics of your interest area, next, you need to conduct thorough research on the selected topic and evaluate each corner of the topic and select the most potential topics among them.
  4. Evaluate the scope of the selected topic: Next, you need to evaluate the future scope of the select topics. Select one of those topics which allow the further scope.
  5. Select the most appropriate one: Finally, after evaluating the multilayer of the topic, select the most appropriate topic among all older care assignment.

Once you have selected an assignment topic for older person care, further evaluate the topic with below-mentioned criteria:

  • If this topic is the most relevant one?
  • Is the topic comes under your interest area?
  • If you can find enough information on the topic?
  • Is the topic is too broad and too narrow?
  • Is the assignment can be completed within the specified deadline?

If you follow the above-mentioned guideline then you can definitely come up with a great assignment topic of your elder person age care assignment paper.

List of topics for the care of older the  person assignment:

Still, you’re facing problems in selecting an intriguing topic of your older care / aged care assignment which can fulfill all your scholarly requirements then below our experts have presented some exciting topic. You can refer the list to select one topic of your assignment paper.

Go through the list and select one topic which you think can be completed within the time phrase.

  1. Successful ageing: A critical analysis
  2. Affect on health of elderly when sending them to the elderly nursing Homes
  3. Elderly care ministry policy
  4. List out the development in late adulthood
  5. Respect the older people
  6. Senior citizens- a persuasive age
  7. Effects of elder mistreatments
  8. Is old age a curse?
  9. Old man eating dinner alone in a restaurant
  10. Isolation of essential oils from eugenol
  11. Life in an old age home
  12. Why yearly driving test should mandatory after 65 years old person?
  13. Describe aging and disability worksheet
  14. How one can go with successful ageing
  15. Essay on elderly care in society
  16. Aging with Spirituality: A critical analysis
  17. The increased need for old age homes in a modern society
  18. Activities and disengagement theory and care provision
  19. Describe the older people in the home as a burden on adults
  20. Physically old but young from mind: a literature review
  21. Age discriminations
  22. What are the impacts of different climatic conditions on the elder person’s life?
  23. Top 3 latest technologies which are meant to help the elder person
  24. What is the difference between the term ageing, old age and the elderly?
  25. Having no children increased vulnerability in old age?
  26. What is the new research on nutrition, spirituality and the elderly?
  27. Does the use of social media be beneficial to reduced loneliness, dementia and depression in an older person?
  28. Latest global research on ageing care?
  29. What type of hip fractures affects the ageing the most?
  30. How to increase the metabolism rate of the older person?
  31. How to measure the emotional wellbeing and subjective well-being?
  32. How the increased number of the elder women can increase the burden on the health industry?
  33. Effects of childlessness elderly on nursing home?
  34. How to measure elderly abuse
  35. Self-care in ageing
  36. How can an old person spend “active ageing”?
  37. Is the respect of the elderly decreasing with the advancement in education socially?
  38. How loneliness is a cause of mortality in the elder human
  39. How dementias affect the older persons?
  40. Importance of active ageing and how does it help older adults?
  41. Psychology of ageing
  42. Cross-culture communication aspects of elderly
  43. What is successful age care in the 21st century
  44. The possibility of eliminating ageing on a genetic level
  45. The connection between the depression and health decline within the older generation
  46. How the damaged DNA correlate with growing age
  47. The difference between male and female sexuality in the process of ageing
  48. Different methods of treating the geriatric depression
  49. Social work in gerontology: the biggest challenge is choosing the right approach
  50. The psychological problem if middle-aged men

Above mention are some good examples to write a quality assignment paper on older people, select one topic as it is or you can do some modifications or compile 2-3 topics to create your own interesting topic for your assignment paper.

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