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BUSN20019 | Project Management Assessment Step 2 | Business


BUSN20019 Project Management Assessment Step 2 Business:

You are encouraged to use the tutorials/lectures if you have questions about the assessment but please do feel free to utilize this discussion forum as an additional or alternative means of communication. Before posting a question, please peruse the FAQs below as your query may already be answered there (also please bear in mind that the FAQs are regularly updated to include frequently asked questions emerging from a classroom or other discussions).BUSN20019 Project Management Assessment Step 2 Business.

FAQs relating to ‘Project Proposal’:

• What is referencing? How do I reference? Please have a look at the below resources from the library and the ALC.

• What is a report and what does it look like? Please make use of the ALC for support on how to prepare for and write a report.

• How do we submit our work? Please submit it electronically via the Moodle site. The preferred format is MS Word.

• What if I submit late? Please refer to the university policy (available through the web link on the Unit Profile). If you have appropraite grounds for requiring an extension, please use the online extension system and include the relevant evidence – this needs to happen BEFORE the due date! Please be aware that each extension request will be reviewed on its own and there is no guarantee that it will be granted.

• What are ‘preliminaries’? Everything you have to include in a report before the first real section of the report starts; this may include: title page, executive summary, table of contents, acknowledgments, etc.

• Can we have sub-headings or a detailed structure to use for our report? Yes, a report typically follows this structure: title page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Main Body, Reference list, Appendices. You should use the assessment information bullet points as a guideline as to what sections are required – use of further sub-headings is encouraged where appropriate.

BUSN20019 Project Management Assessment Step 2 Business

• Can we use the exact same topic as for BUSN20016 and ‘recycle’ the proposal? No. You can use the same BROAD TOPIC but you must not ‘recycle’ the proposal – self-plagiarism is just as bad as plagiarism and may lead to academic misconduct cases being raised, which may result in severe academic and financial penalties.

• Can we do the assignment in pairs or groups? NO! All assessments in this unit are INDIVIDUAL – this is very clear on the unit profile. 

• My friend did this unit last term and advised me… Don’t listen to your friends when it comes to the assessment tasks, but refer to the written detail available about the unit in which you are enrolled! You are expected to address the tasks as indicated in the unit profile for the specific term you are enrolled in. We regularly change units, so if you listen to your friends instead of your tutors, you are likely going to fail.

• Is there a word limit for the literature review? No. The LR is simply ONE of the sections of your report and we are not prescribing exactly how long each section has to be.

• Can we put a diagram into the LR? If you want to. It is a good idea to graphically present your concepts but it is not compulsory.

• Can we change our topics after our proposal has been marked? I am not going to force you to keep your topic but I am STRONGLY advising against changing it – you do not have enough time to complete your report (assessment 2) if you change your topic late.

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