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Business & Management Strategy


Fill in the group marking scheme if needed and send it to your seminar tutor.

Individual hand in by:

3:00pm Thursday

12th January 2023 electronically via BB with copy on Turnitin

On an individual basis, using the same company, you must develop your national strategic plan to now include an international strategic plan.

The report should therefore enhance the national strategic plan to include an international market development strategy.  Report format of 4000 words.

Assessment Criteria

Your task will be graded against the following weighted criteria:

• Presentation and the overall ability to communicate clearly and objectively within a business setting. (10%)

• Analysis and application of relevant management theory to support a justified international strategic plan. (35%)

• Strategic plan answers to the overall scenario brief, with due consideration of the market, CSR and financial

implications in an international context. (35%)

• Provision of supporting material in the form of 3 country PESTLE analyses and an evaluation grid to substantiate the

decisions made. (20%)

• Enhance your national strategy by including an international market development strategy – –Go back to teaching

week 4…


•An analysis of 3 different countries

•Examination of the markets, to seek best fit, to demonstrate those that have potential

•Availability of a similar target market

•The competition for your company

•The risks involved in doing business in that country

•Changes that will need to be made to your brand/product to best fit with that country and culture

•Appendices 20% of the mark – Minimum:

•3 PESTLE analyses for 3 different country choices

•Summary evaluation table of your countries, highlighting which country is the best for you company, which then will feed directly into the start of your report

•A strategic international development plan for ONE country

•An introduction to the country and why this was first choice (link to appendices)

•Target market for your company examined and identified fully

•Details of the overall strategic option chosen

•Details of how the strategy will be implemented, including CSR, marketing/brand and resource implications 


Focus on the company’s international abilities for the internal analysis; do they have partners/staff etc with knowledge/experience for example?

We are assessing you on your justification, not necessarily on your actual plan. There are many ways in which to achieve an outcome, but not all of them can be justified!

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