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Business Environment BIC3027


Assessment one- Essay instructions

  Date of Set  18/10/2021   % of Module Mark:  50%
  Date of Submission:  19/11/2021 Total Number of Marks:  100
  Module Title and Code:  Business Environment- BIC3027
  Tutor Name:  Mahshid Bagheri
Examiner Use Only: 
  Instructions to Candidate:
Essay Topic: Internal and External Business Environment   This essay will assess your knowledge and understanding of the principles of business environment and the issues that affect business performance. You are required to choose a well-known company that trades globally and conduct research to find out how well it has performed in recent years and how it has been influenced by various aspects of its business environment.     Your essay should include the following tasks:   You are required to introduce, concisely, the purpose and structure of your essay.Introduce the firm in terms of its legal entity, geographical location, and the nature of the products.Identify the type of market structure that the firm operates in, and the degree of competition in that market.Conduct a STEEPLE analysis to identify the external factors that have affected company’s performance. Finally, conclude by including a reflection on the company’s strategic choices as well as practical solutions and recommendations. You can have access to the plenty of information from the companies’ website and their annual reports, academic journal articles, books, and other authoritative reports.   Your essay should be 1500 words in length + or – 10%, with each section of roughly equal word length (excluding references and appendices). Please ensure that your work is referenced according to the Harvard referencing style. Submission date: 19 November 2021 by 5.00 pm (electronically via Turnitin in Blackboard)
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Assignment 2 – Operations Management

Assessment Criteria:

This assessment will be marked using the standard BUIC written assessment criteria for IIM modules. You can   view   this   marking   criteria   on   Blackboard   in   Course   Information    –    Marking    Criteria.  Visit:

The structure of the assignment should contain the following elements:

  • Format: A clear Introduction, body and conclusion in which the students briefly explain their coursework assignment structure, theories, findings, main argument, conclusion and practical solutions and recommendations.
  • Referencing: Students should ensure that they have referenced their arguments and have included all the references and sources that they have used in their assignment.
  • students are advised to follow the Harvard referencing style as explained in the Bangor University library guide:

  • Word Count: 1500 words (not including references or appendices)

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