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BUSI2021 Business Simulation


BUSI2021 –Business Simulation Fall Term 2022

Capstone Mid Term Assignment 3 – 20%

Submission:  November 2, 2022 at 5:00 P.M

Please do not wait until last minute to upload because the cut off time is automatic.  Also, please ensure that you upload the correct file otherwise your grade will be zero.

Do Your Best!  Believe In Yourself And You Will Be Unstoppable!


• Students should use the Assignment Cover Sheet and Checklist and ensure that your name  student ID are included.

• Answers need to be uploaded to Moodle Portal by the cut-off time. No extension will be granted.

• Grades will be awarded based on clarity, relevance, practicality, and integration of the concepts learnt.

• Please respond to each question in your own words and please refrain from copying or sharing answers as this will be considered “plagiarism” and students will be graded zero.


1. At the end of each round, comprehensive reports are provided on your specific company’s performance. Give a summary of your Capsim company’s performance for rounds one to three.  You should identify the name of your team in your summary and include five performance indicators.

2. Explain clearly three decisions that you would change to ensure that your Capsim company performed more profitably in subsequent rounds.

3. What are three ways that your Capsim company performance might have been impacted by competition in the industry? 

4. In what three ways would your Capsim company performance change if customers were more loyal to your company’s products?

5. Which of your product do you consider to be the worst performer?  Explain the impact on your Capsim company performance if a) you increased the price of the product by 15%    b) you stopped selling this product  c) you reduced the price of the product by 10%.