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BSS058 Strategy and the Global Competitive Environment


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Submission DeadlineMarks and Feedback
Before 10am on: 15/07/202220 working days after deadline (L4, 5 and 7)
15 working days after deadline (L6)
10 working days after deadline (block delivery)
Unit title & codeStrategy and the Global Competitive Environment  BSS058-6
Assignment number and title2: Consultancy Report: Development of a Strategic Value Proposition. on Organisational Strategy
Assignment typeWR-BUS
Weighting of assignment60%
Size or length of assessmentUp to 3600 words
Unit learning outcomesDemonstrate an in-depth and critical knowledge of the theoretical underpinnings of marketing and strategy. Demonstrate a synthetically, analytically and persuasively deep understanding of the process of marketing and strategic analysis   2.  Deploy analytical tools of strategic and marketing management in relation to both the external and internal environments of organisations to synthesise, evaluate and develop appropriate strategic and marketing options in a complex environment..
What am I required to do in this assignment?
  Your task in this assignment is to produce a consultancy report that clearly develops a Value Proposition for a company that is thinking about entering one of the industry sectors that is in the list provided in the brief for Assignment 1.(see below) (note: you are not investigating or making recommendations for a real or existing company).You should use appropriate tools and frameworks in order to develop the Value Proposition and you must justify (with evidence) how this is designed to create meaningful customer value. Given the word limit you are advised to focus on the development of Business rather than Corporate Strategy.  Health and Social Care Logistics industry Oil and Gas Marketing industry Digital Technology Management Human Resource Management Finance  
What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
  Apply  knowledge of strategy and marketing to propose  a credible strategy based on data collection drawn from relevant sources      
How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
  Produce a professional and compelling report that develops a meaningful Value Proposition based on sound evidence and analysis, that is clearly shown throughout the report. Assignments attracting the highest marks will be focused, analytical and evidenced thoroughly. Presented as a professional report, make sure your submission is clear, and supported by evidence throughout.    You should use appropriate frameworks to develop the analysis and the Value Proposition You must make use of a range of relevant and good range of quality sources. Particular focus must  be on clearly developing the Value Proposition and describing how it provides customer value.                  
How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
  The sessions are about thinking strategically and making strategic judgments about both the changing world around and enabling you to work with uncertain futures (note: the future is always uncertain). In the specific sessions you will learn about: Market segmentation and segmentation mapping Strategic positioning and direction Value proposition evaluation and design Connect the elements of analysis to develop a meaningful Value proposition.   Attendance and preparation is essential to learning about the development of strategy.  Production of high quality work with the absence of preparation and active attendance is both unlikely and a possible indicator of academic misconduct.            
How will my assignment be marked?
  Your assignment will be marked according to the threshold expectations and the criteria on the following page.   You can use them to evaluate your own work and consider your grade before you submit.      

 Pass – 40-49%Pass – 50-59%Commendation – 60-69%Distinction– 70%+
1 Referencing, Presentation, Sources (20%)  An assignment organized competently and showing evidence of referencing.A good report organized and communicated well. Correct referencing, for the most part drawing on a range of appropriate sources.              A professional report organized and communicated well. Accurate referencing, drawing on a range of quality sources.A professional report organized and communicated to a high standard. Full and accurate referencing, drawing on a full range of up to date quality sources.
2 selection and use of frameworks to develop  the analysis (40%)  Addresses the task set showing some awareness of the strategic environment and use of appropriate strategic frameworks.Addresses the task set. Appraisal of the issues indicates use of evidence. Frameworks selected for relevance, but are likely t be used largely mechanically rather than analytically. Strategic and marketing development is in the analysis but too much emphasis is placed on operational issues.                Addresses the task set. Evaluation of the information and data and creation of the analysis largely from stems from evidence. Frameworks are selected for relevance and used effectively to create Emphasis is balanced towards strategic and marketing development rather on operational issues.Addresses the task set in a comprehensive fashion. Evaluation of the information and data is used to create and analysis that is developed through excellently selected and applied tools and frameworks.. The analysis is therefore sophisticated and informative. Emphasis is placed firmly on strategic and marketing development and can clearly lead to the development of a meaningful value proposition.
3. Development of the Value Proposition (40%)  A Value Proposition is developed but it is presented in a largely descriptive fashion.  A Value Proposition is developed but it is not clear how this is designed or communicated to meet the specific needs of a specific target market.  A Value Proposition is developed this shows with some clarity how this is designed and communicated to meet the specific needs of a specific target market  A Value Proposition is developed this shows with some clearly how this is designed and communicated to meet the specific needs of a specific target market. The Value Proposition shows originality in meeting these needs and clearly differentiates from competitors