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BSBMGT608 | Manage Innovation and Continuous Improvement


Question 1
Identify and discuss in detail five quality management and continuous improvement theories.

Question 2
What does Kotters 8-Step change model tell us about transformational change for businesses? Discuss your answer in a paragraph.

Question 3
What is the diffusion of innovation theory and why might a manager implementing an innovation be particularly interested in this theory? 

Question 4
What is the purpose of the ISO 9000 Standards for Quality Management and what standards are included? 

Question 5
What is cost-benefit analysis and what is it best used for? In your response outline how you complete a cost-benefit analysis

Question 6
Discuss the concept of a learning organisation in one paragraph.

Question 7
Why is the concept of shared vision an essential component of a learning organisation? 

Question 8
Discuss the concept of team learning in relation to a learning organisation.

Question 9
Identify and outline three different sustainability practices that are now common in Australian workplaces. 

Question 10

Provide a definition of risk as identified in the Australia/New Zealand Standard for Risk Management (AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009)

Question 11
Discuss the concept of risk management. Outline the factors that make a risk management system successful and the factors that may inhibit effective risk management.

Question 12
In your own words, describe the seven steps in the risk management process as outlined in AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009.


Part A – Prepare report

Prepare a report to your manager (your assessor) that outlines the following for both topics:
Your topics or areas for improvement that you will plan a continuous improvement and innovative processes for, one being a sustainability program
Identify and discuss a range of strategies that you can implement to monitor and evaluate the current performance and sustainability of your topics/areas for improvement.
Analyse and provide a detailed account of the current supply chain and the (operational, product or service) systems the business is using to deliver their service. What is working well and what could be improved?

Identify how the topics/areas for improvement performance could be measured, including an outline of the assessment tools or techniques that could be used. Evaluate the effectiveness of each tool/technique.

Identify at least two specialists that could help Woodhouse Recruitment. This may be to identify technology and electronic commerce opportunities or to implement your ideas. Provide their contact details, the services they offer and your rationale as to why it may be beneficial to use their services.

Conduct research and analyse and report on trends and opportunities relevant to Woodhouse Recruitment in relation to your topics/areas for improvement. Use the resources provided by the assessor plus other external resources for this research.

Compare Woodhouse Recruitment’s business performance statistics to industry benchmarks and speculate as to why they may not have met their targets.

At the end of your report, introduce and briefly discuss three examples of other innovative business ideas that Woodhouse Recruitment could adapt and implement.

Your report should be written in clear and concise English and contain relevant headings to identify the information.

Part B – Attend a meeting  

1.Complete your report and send via email to your assessor at least three days prior to the meeting to discuss and present the report. Your assessor will advise you of the date of the meeting. 

Your assessor will organise a number of fellow you to attend your presentation. These you will be playing the role of the management team. 

2.At the meeting, you should discuss the key findings of your report, as well as your ideas for continuous improvement and innovation in the business. 

3.During the meeting, you will need to demonstrate your interpersonal skills, as well as your ability to build trust and confidence and encourage creativity in the management team. To do this you will need to demonstrate throughout your presentation your ability to clearly and confidently present information, encouraging questions from the team and discussion and active listening techniques. 

4.At the end of the meeting, you will need to take on board feedback provided and agree with the management team on the best way forward with your continuous improvement and innovation initiatives.

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