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Formative Assessment

Activity 1

  • Assessors must provide clear explanation regarding the standard of work and amount of evidence required.Participants must conduct research and read materials from other sources in order to answer the questions. Answers that use information from readings must be properly cited and referenced.Assessors might choose to add assessment tasks or to use alternative assessment tasks.Communicate organisational mission and goals
  • 1You have been asked to make a 15 minute presentation at a networking function.The subject on which you have been asked to speak is leadership.In the presentation you need to address the following:Part of the leadership role involves inspiring others to achieve an organisation’s vision and goals. Leaders are also expected to model professionalism. An effective leader is one who communicates well, respects and is respected by the organisation’s staff, clients, suppliers and the community.During the presentation you will explain how you think a good leader in a work organisation can achieve these things.Explain how a leader can and should:
    • communicate the organisation’s mission and goals to employees
    • support and be seen to support:
      • the objectives, values and standards of the organisation
      • the needs and expectations of the groups and individuals who work for the organisation
    • help others understand the linkages between organisational objectives, values and standards and responsibilities of relevant groups and individuals in the workplace
    • be able to adapt their communication style (language, jargon, time etc) so it is appropriate for different groups and individuals in an organisation
    • use appropriate media when communicating within the organisation and external to the organisation
    • support groups and individuals in the organisation in a way which will help build loyalty and commitment to the organisation
    This will be a verbal presentation, however, it might be supported by PowerPoint slides or any other resources you consider are appropriate.The group to whom you will be presenting will be made up of middle level managers. Consider, when developing the presentation, the needs of the audience and the possibility of introducing appropriate humour.Make sure that your presentation takes into consideration the needs and interests of the audience.Time your presentation to ensure that it meets the 15 minute requirement.Make your presentation to an appropriate group of people including the assessor. (If the assessor is unable to be present you can video the presentation.)After the presentation you might like to ask for feedback from the audience.Submit the documented presentation, any speech notes, plus any accompanying resources, to your assessor.


One of the attributes of a good leader is the ability to adapt leadership styles to meet specific situations.

How might leadership style change in response to incidents or emergencies that are likely to have a negative impact on safety, work continuity, outputs or quality?

Such incidents could, for example, include:

  • environmental events—spillage, emissions, fire, storm, flood etc
  • incidents or emergencies that affect work outputs, like product failure, a break in the supply chain link, massive power outage etc
  • workplace accidents or situations that will endanger staff, customers or the general public

(1,000 words)

Activity 2

  • Influence groups and individualsYour organisation, currently based in South Australia, has decided to launch their product range globally.You have been instrumental in persuading the organisation that this is a good idea. You have provided appropriate figures and factual information, including proposals, cost–benefit analyses and risk assessments, to senior management.Agreement that product development for global consumption will be a positive step forward has been reached, at the senior management level. This will necessitate changes to operations, staffing requirements and to the organisation’s vision, operations, objectives and goals.It is now up to you to influence the other stakeholders.The expectation is that you will provide appropriate information to both internal and external groups, to show that the idea will benefit the organisation and its employees and to help others place the organisation into its envisaged global context.What information will you need to provide?How will you do this?Explain, in approximately 2,000 words, what you would do to influence, persuade and enthuse the relevant people.Consider and document answers to these questions:
    1. How would you create active support for the proposed changes and how would you ensure that each group being addressed received information that would be useful to them—what strategies would you use to persuade others to the necessary point of view?
    2. Why you think these actions would be successful.
    3. You will also be expected to make a short media presentation. What promotion mediums do you think would be suitable and how would you ensure that the company was positively represented?
    4. What legislation might affect global interactions?
    5. Are there any risks that might need to be addressed? Explain.
    Submit, to your assessor, a document containing the information you will provide to the relevant stakeholders, the explanation of what you would do to influence, persuade and enthuse the relevant people; and answers to the questions.

Activity 3

  • Build and support teams Within each workplace there will be groups of people working together to achieve specific objectives. The various groups within the organisation will often become teams (please note that a group of people working together is not necessarily a team) and will have a team leader who helps build and support effective work teams.Describe, in detail, and discuss, in a paper of about 1,500 words, the role and characteristics of an effective team leader.

Activity 4

  • Demonstrate personal and professional competence In 200–500 words each, answer these questions.
  • 1Good leaders are introspective and prepared to participate in relevant personal and professional development activities. Explain in a short paragraph what this means and why it is important.Upload a file (7MB max)
  • 2Why is it valuable to be able to adapt leadership styles to fit particular situations?Upload a file (7MB max)
  • 3Business ethics is a term that is commonly used. What does it mean?Upload a file (7MB max)
  • 4What are industry/ professional networks and how can they be beneficial to a leader and to the organisation?Upload a file (7MB max)
  • 5One of the leader’s roles is to address risk. In the business environment, what is risk management and mitigation?