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BSBLDR501 | Develop and use emotional intelligence | Management


BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence Management:

Task 1 
Question 1

• Explain emotional intelligence and outline the principles of self-regulation and self-awareness BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence Management? (100–150 words)

Question 2

• How do emotionally intelligent leaders inspire workers? (100–150 words)

Question 3

• Explain how to communicate with a culturally diverse workforce. Provide at least three examples of the different ways emotions are displayed in other cultures and explain how that might affect the way you would interact with the different people in the workplace. (150–200 words)

Question 4
• Explain the use of emotional intelligence in the context of building workplace relationships by managing stress/ conflict. (200–300 words)

Task 2
Project 1
• You are applying for a job as a departmental manager in an office setting. The organisation has made it clear that having a high level of emotional intelligence will be a deciding factor in selecting the successful candidate.

You have been asked to submit a document that addresses the following points:

1. What are your emotional strengths and weaknesses?
2. What are personal causes of stress in your work life and how do you deal with them?
3. What are your emotional triggers and how have you learnt to manage them?
4. What would you do to act as a role model to workers in your department in the management of emotions?
5. Are you open to feedback from others in relation to your EI? How would you go about getting and using it?
6. How does self-reflection factor into the continual development of your EI?
7. How would you respond to a worker who is:
     a. Extremely angry?
     b. Extremely stressed?
     c. Extremely upset?
8. How much knowledge do you have about the cultural expressions of emotions? How would you use that knowledge?
9. How would you adapt your leadership style to workers experiencing different emotions?
10. How would you factor the emotions of workers into decisions that you make?
11. How would you provide opportunities for workers to express their feelings and emotions?
12. How would you make workers aware of how their emotions and behaviours affect others and how would you encourage them to manage their emotions?
13. What would you do to encourage others to develop their EI?
14. What would you do to create a positive emotional climate in your department?
15. How would you use the strengths of workers to achieve workplace outcomes?

BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence Management

You are required to provide a detailed response (at least half a typed, single space page) for each point listed and to use examples to support your responses wherever possible.

You are expected to use the information provided in this unit; however, you will also need to demonstrate that you have carried out your own research. Remember to properly cite any source

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