Are you finding the job in early childhood education and care domain in Australia? Find our step-by-step guide.

Early childhood education (Pre-primary school) and care domain holds immense importance in nation growth and fastest growing sector in Australia. This industry is currently deploying approx. 61,900 people in Australia as per data from Jobs and Skills ( Australia which is a government website. Also, one of the important statistics about this data is about number of female employees which forms approx. 97% of the total workforce in this field thereby making it very lucrative for female candidate to apply for jobs in early childhood education and care. Furthermore, the median weekly earning per employee in this field is $1,666 which is way higher as compared to most of the industries in Australia. The primary aim of the teachers employed in this field is to teach basic numeracy, music, literacy and art to the early childhood students enrolled in this field. But this field is very important since teachers at this stage have to ensure emotional, physical development and intellectual development for the students. Moreover, the hourly earnings for the employees deployed in early childhood education and care is $45 per hour against the other industries median per hour earning of $41. Five states and territories wherein you can find the early childhood education and care jobs easily in Australia includes New South Wales accounting for 34.3% of total jobs in this domain, Victoria which accounts for 29.9% of the total jobs in this field, Queensland which holds 16.4% of total jobs, South Australia which accounts for 7.5% of total jobs and finally Western Australia which holds for 8.0% of total jobs in this domain.

Want a Job into Early Childhood education and care industry in Australia? Check how is it possible?

If you want to become a part of the workforce into the early childhood education and care in Australia then there are multiple ways. The first method is through pursual of educational course in the early childhood sector. There are mainly two qualification which you can pursue through the regular studies which are CHC30121 Certificate III in early childhood education and care and second CHC50121 Diploma of early childhood education and care. Both these educational qualifications are full time wherein students have to attend regular classes and also have to submit their assessments. In many circumstances students may not have that much time to pursue regular full time study courses. While there is other way also which is through pursual of RPL certification for CHC30121 Certificate III in early childhood and CHC50121 Diploma in Early childhood education and care.

What are the various Jobs in early childhood education and care sector

There are several career options which a candidate can pursue into early childhood education and career sector in Australia. Some of the major options available for candidates include Childcare early childhood teacher, permanent childcare educator, childcare chef, childcare early childhood teacher, early childhood teacher and permanent childcare tutor etc.