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BIC 3025 Management in Context


Case Study: Report (30%) and Individual Poster (40%)

For this assessment, you will carry out research for the Case Study. Both the Report and the

Poster are individual pieces of work.


Produce an independent, well-structured written report, to demonstrate your ability to carry out research, to apply the relevant writing and MS Word skills, and to reference material correctly.


Produce a poster to demonstrate your ability to carry out research and to apply relevant

communication skills.

The Case Study is based on Amazo

Individual Report (30%)

There are three sections to the report as noted below. You need to thoroughly investigate Amazon to gain an insight into its business and legal structure, its operations and its management and leadership styles.

You work as a fund manager for an investment bank and they have expressed an interest in buying shares in Amazon. Before making a decision about investing in the company, they have asked you to prepare a report which provides more details about the background of Amazon, how it manages its operations and the prevailing leadership and management styles.

The report should be approximately 1000 – 1200 words in total.

Your work will be assessed in accordance with the BUIC – Marking Criteria.

The deadline for the report is 09.00am on Friday 03 December 2021. The report should be submitted through Turnitin in Blackboard.

Your assignment must include the following:

Introduction (approx. 100 – 150 words)

  1. Section A – Business and legal structures (approx. 300 words)

Consider: the product(s); factors of production; business functions; the type of business activity; the legal structure of the organisation; stakeholders and Amazon’s competitive advantage

  • Section B – Operations management (OM) (approx. 300 words)

Consider how Amazon manages its operations in terms of three of the key aspects of OM – direct, design and deliver. You also need to include some discussion about how the organisation manages quality.

  • Section C – Organisational behaviour (with particular reference to management and leadership styles) (approx. 300 words) Make appropriate reference to leadership and management theory (with justification) to explain how Amazon and its leaders behave.

Conclusion (approx. 100 – 150 words)

Your report must contain appropriate references using Harvard conventions ( )

Poster (40%)

Prepare a poster (using PowerPoint slides) based on the following:

You need to prepare a minimum of two slides and a maximum of four slides specifically addressing management and leadership styles at Amazon. You are free to design your poster however you wish (but it must include at least one diagram to explain the current management and leadership styles). You might wish to follow the format noted below:

  • Slide 1: Introduction
    • Slide 2: Diagram
    • Slide 3: Text to explain the management and leadership styles
    • Slide 4: Recommendations

Your poster needs to be prepared and ready for submission in week 10 (deadline: 09.00am Tuesday .07 December 2021)

Your work will be assessed in accordance with the BUIC – Marking Criteria.

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