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BBM331 Assessment 3 Website Prototype Development



BBM331 e-Business Management

Assessment 3. Website Prototype Development (20%)

This Task builds on Assessment 2: E-Business Critical Analysis.

BBM331 e-Business Management
BBM331 e-Business Management

Based on your findings and recommendations from Assessment 2, you must build a website prototype on Wix.

Due: Week 10

Text Box: Before you begin to build your website prototype, complete the Website Design and Planning (online form) on Moodle.

Your completed prototype must meet the following specifications:

  1. Site must contain at least a homepage and a product page:

Homepage content must include:

  • company profile, logo and tag line
    • Page SEO Title
    • Page SEO Description
    • Page SEO keywords

Product page content must include:

  • 3 products (or service offering), each set with:
    • Realistic pricing
    • Product description
    • Product info (include accurate information and images)
    • Alt Text tags on product images on this page
  • Include site features and tools required to meet business and marketing objectives
    • At least 5 features or tools – should be placed in appropriate areas and sections within the website.
  • Include appropriate design features, colour scheme, graphic elements
    • Should be suited for the primary target audience
    • Should have the right ‘look and feel’
    • Should be suited for the type of product or service being offered
    • Easy navigation, logical format, focused on user experience

Submission Instructions BBM331

You must include all of the following in your submission:

Text Box: 1.	Website link of your website prototype designed on Wix
2.	A screenshot to show evidence the Page SEO title, Page SEO description and SEO keywords that were used on your homepage.
3.	A screenshot to show evidence of Alt text tags that were used on your product pages (on at least 3 product images).

When you are ready to submit, go to Moodle and make your submission under the link:

Assessment 3. Project B – submit your project here


Projects submitted using any other method (e.g. via email) will NOT be accepted.

Marking Rubric (30 marks)    20%

  Domain name registration  The chosen business domain name is available for use and accurately follows “best practice”/2 marks
Company profile (Homepage)  Clearly articulated company profile accurately explains the product or service being offered/5 marks
SEO ElementsSEO elements effectively incorporated on site: Site titleDescriptionOn-page headersAlt text tags  /5 marks
  Product Page/Services PageIncludes 3 products (or services) each set with Realistic priceProduct descriptionProduct info/3 marks
  Wix Site FeaturesIncorporate no less than 5 Wix features that will prove beneficial your business. Features are placed on relevant pages on the website and is appropriate for your business type. h ttps://   The features are relevant to the marketing strategies outlined in Part A.  /5 marks
    Graphics/Logo  Graphics and logo relates to the theme/purpose of the site and specifically to the product or service being offered. Graphics are of high quality and enhance reader interest or understanding. There are no broken images.  /5 marks
Layout /Color   Background/FontThe web site has an exceptionally attractive and usable layout & suited to the type of product or service being offered. This includes background, color scheme and font choice. It is easy to locate important elements. White space, graphic elements and/or alignment are used effectively to organize material. These elements are consistent throughout the site./5 marks

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