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BBM310 Instructions for Capturing your curiosity


BBM310: Instructions for Capturing your Curiosity Assignment Help

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Entrepreneurs see customer needs that others ignore and identify innovative solutions before others see the value. Therefore, curiosity and marketplace awareness are critical to entrepreneurial success.

BBM310 Instructions for Capturing your Curiosity
BBM310 Instructions for Capturing your Curiosity


Your personal project runs for weeks 4, 5, 7 and 9. For each of these weeks you need to:

  • Identify one topic/article etc that you find interesting/curious
  • Using the template from the course Moodle page:
    • Create a new document for each submission
    • Update the heading “Week X” to the correct week (starting Week 4)
    • Provide a Title and web link to the source material
    • Provide a summary/precis of the article (in your own words)
    • Explain why this made you curious/interested (in your own words)
    • Explain how this topic links to the course
  • Upload your weekly document to the assignment link on Moodle
    • Each week the link for that week closes at 23:59 on Monday
    • Week 4 – 23:59 Monday February 8th
    • Week 5 – 23:59 Monday February 15th
    • Week 7 – 23:59 Monday March 1st
    • Week 9 – 23:59 Monday March 15th
  • Guidance
    • There is no fixed “number of words” required
    • However, you need to consider what is reasonable for 15% of your course marks – clearly 1 sentence is not enough, and 5 pages is too much
    • Quality and insights are more important than quantity – you can only do this if you read and understand the articles


Please note the following rules:

  • If you miss the submission for a week THERE IS NO CATCH UP
  • You cannot submit weeks in advance (the links are set to be active only during the appropriate week)
  • Submissions that do not use the template WILL NOT BE MARKED
  • Submissions that are shown by Turnitin to have plagiarism will be marked down accordingly (all the way to zero in extreme cases)

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Week X
Title: A title/headline for your topic[add content here]  
Link: Link(s) to the source(s) for your topic[add content here]    
Summary/Precis: (In your own words)[add content here]                                
Why I found this interesting: (In your own words)[add content here]                        
How this links to the course: (in your own words)[add content here]                      

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