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ATI210 Indigenous Governance and leadership


Assessment 3: Major Writing Task

  • Details of Assessment Task This assessment is the major writing task of this unit. This is the opportunity for you to articulate in your own words the issues, contested ideas and any new knowledge you have gained on the learning journey through this unit.Your essay will focus on the topic: How has colonisation affected and changed Indigenous governance and leadership in Australia? PreparationIn this major writing task, you should not restrict yourself to the assigned readings. You are encouraged to read widely to gain a better understanding of the topic. Explore the recommended resources in each module in the unit for information in addition to the information you have gathered during your own research.A helpful hint is to frequently refer to the topic or question as you are preparing and working through your drafts and this will assist you to stay on track. You should support your discussions and arguments in your writing with evidence and relevant references. PresentationThis paper should be in an essay format. You may access information on the correct presentation and structure of an essay, in the unit’s Learnline site by clicking on the ‘Academic Skills’ in the left menu. Click on ‘CDU Study Skills’ link and on Academic assignments and Essays.Your essay should be presented as a Word document, font size 12. Provide a separate reference list page with relevant reference details. References should be formatted in CDU Harvard referencing style. The essay should be submitted through the Assessment 4 Submission Point in the Assessment Submission area.
  • Assessment CriteriaThe assessment criteria give information on how your assessment will be marked.Read this carefully.You will be assessed on your ability to:
    • express in your own words, what you have learned through the readings and your own additional research (10%)
    • use evidence and reason to support your findings, arguments and opinions (10%)
    • introduction which maps out the focus of the essay and a conclusion/summary (10%)
    • present your paper adequately- with correct spelling, grammar, referencing (10%)