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Assignment 2 Presentation and report


Assignment 2 (60%) Individual

The Report (of a case study)

  1. You will work in a team to provide business solutions to a case study chosen by your group. It is expected that you will select an existing company that operates on international market/s. After collecting secondary data about the company from public domains you will analyse the company in order to identify intercultural issues the company deals with or is very likely to face in the near future. Therefore, you will have to produce recommendation.

The chosen company needs to be approved by your tutor. Also, each team is expected to work on different cases.

In week 5 you and your team will present your case study for formative feedback before submitting your final individual paper. At that stage a grade will not be given yet; however you will be provided with valuable feedback allowing you to improve and strengthen your work before submitting written work. The case study will be placed in the appendix of your written report (see point 2).

  • Based on the Case Study prepared by your team, you will produce an individual written report summarising the main points and providing your conclusions and recommendations. 

In this assessment you will employ important communication skills required in business:

  • Collaborative skills in teamwork
  • Impression management skills in presenting the work of self and others – both written and spoken
  • Rapport management skills in negotiations
  • Inter-disciplinary and multilateral skills in integrating different disciplines and working across cultures

In order to successfully complete this assignment you will need to use an integrative approach and employ theories from relevant fields to justify your solutions and recommendations. 

You will need to approach this assignment from both a theoretical point of view as well as give examples to demonstrate theories in practice.  You will also need to include cultural theories explored in the classroom. 

Word count:  3500 words (+/- 10 %)

Submission date:  Friday Week 6 9.59 am

Where to submit:  Turnitin only (this BREO site) in “Assessments”

Guidance and format:

You may find it helpful to follow this structure:

Abstract – sometimes called the Executive Summary

This is a very important part of any report. It provides a brief outline of the major themes or issues covered in the report – reader can gain an appreciation of the whole picture without having to read the full report.


This gives a broad, general view of the report, indicating what will be covered and why it was necessary to write it. It provides sufficient background information to enable the reader to understand the context of the report and provide the motivation for them to continue to read.

Findings (the main body of the report)

This section presents the detailed facts and findings and indicates how they were arrived at and the inferences to be drawn from them – it is the foundation for your conclusions. This is your evidence.

  • Develop ideas logically and as fully as possible ( with one main topic or idea per paragraph)
  • Consider the different aspects of the problem but keep an appropriate balance – do not develop one section to the exclusion of others
  • Your reasoning should be clear to the reader
  • Explain and justify the points made, presenting supporting evidence where appropriate.  You can use theories or data or both but always support your statements, otherwise they could be seen as ‘hearsay’.
  • Keep focused by constantly referring to the terms of reference


Materials in the main body of the report lead the reader logically to the conclusions.  The conclusion is not just a summary of the information but summarises the main findings and offers some evaluation and or opinion of them.


They should indicate action needed in order to achieve the aid of the report – should follow naturally from and based on the material presented in the conclusions.  Do not introduce any new issues or arguments at this point.

Following resources will be useful in your preparation:

  • lecture slides
  • some documents uploaded under the Assessment 1 folder on guidelines to write a report
  • study hub online resources which can be found on BREO

Criteria : 

Your tutor will look for evidence of:

  • Ability to work autonomously to produce work within complex, unpredictable and specialized fields to a standard expected of a manager in an international organisation.
  • Preparation and submission of an individual report (briefing paper) which allows you to create an original response (solution) to a given problem by integrating theories and strategies from across disciplines (application of your contextual understanding of diverse theories/concepts and frameworks).
  • Ability to use given formats.
  • Ability to write in an accurate and professional manner.

Marking Criteria: 

A+ (80-100%)   A   (75-79%) A-  (70-74%) An excellent paper that demonstrates thorough coverage of the literature and a high level of analytical skills. You have been able to present a well-balanced argument by discussing key aspects of the literature in question and have fully addressed all questions. An excellent paper that demonstrates a thorough understanding of different theories/concepts/ frameworks and their relevance for practitioners. Your paper is very well structured, each themes is developed carefully, drawing on theory and applying it convincingly to the realities of the workplace. It will provide broad and critically evaluative knowledge of relevant theories and concepts showing in-depth and accurate understanding. The analysis is thorough and well explained. Extremely well structured; the style is concise and flowing and referencing is accurate throughout.
B+ (67-69%) B   (64-66%) B-  (60-63%) A very good paper which demonstrates good coverage of the literature and good analytical skills. You have presented a structured argument by discussing various aspects of the literature and have addressed all questions. A very good paper. You show good understanding of different theories/concepts/ frameworks and how they might be relevant in practice. It will provide broad knowledge of relevant theories and concepts showing your thoughtful and accurate understanding. Organisation is good; the style flowing and articulate with good referencing with very few errors or omissions.
C+ (57-59%) C   (54-56%) C-  (50-53%) Your paper demonstrates a fair coverage of the literature but your analysis may be more descriptive and lack precision. You will have discussed some aspects of the literature but certain questions should have been developed further. A promising paper. Your paper demonstrates some understanding of different theories/concepts/ frameworks and you can see how they might have some relevance to practice. Your arguments may not be entirely clear. You have perhaps had some difficulties in understanding these different theories/concepts/ frameworks fully and your analysis may be more descriptive and lack precision. It will provide fairly broad knowledge of relevant theories and concepts showing mostly accurate understanding. Organisation is satisfactory but the style is clumsy at times; competent referencing with only limited errors and omissions.
D+ (47-49%) D   (44-46%) D-  (40-43%) Your paper demonstrates some understanding of the literature but it is mostly descriptive than analytical. Coverage of the literature is rather thin and you may have relied on reproducing the authors’ argument than critically engaging with it. You would have given more weight to certain questions than others. A rather weak paper but with some potential.Your paper makes some good points and shows some understanding of different theories/concepts/ frameworks and their relevance in the field you specialise in but also some misunderstandings and lack of clarity. You may have relied on reproducing knowledge, or it may be the reverse; drawing on very little theory at all. The theories you do draw on may not be well understood. Your written English may be confusing in places. The focus is on description. Little evidence of deeper understanding of implications of presented information. Somewhat muddled organization; the style is clumsy although the meaning is generally clear. Major sources are referenced accurately but others either omitted or referenced incorrectly.
E (35-39%) Your paper provides a very thin coverage of the literature and does not demonstrate a good understanding of it. You may not have engaged in depth with the questions and your written English may be hard to follow. Your paper does not demonstrate understanding of different theories/concepts/ frameworks nor of their relevance for practitioners. You may have relied very heavily on reproducing ‘chunks’ to text. These might not always be properly referenced. Your written English may be hard to follow. This is refer level and work in this category shows very little or no demonstration of meaningful analysis, reflection or learning. Somewhat muddled organization although the meaning is generally clear; major sources are referenced but others either omitted or referenced incorrectly.  Refer level
F (25-34%) An extremely poor paper demonstrating very limited understanding of the literature and different theories/concepts/ frameworks. Little focus or understanding of the topic; inaccurate and limited analysis of data, with muddled ineffective presentation. Fragmented and incoherent organization; with parts where the meaning is unclear; very inaccurate and or incomplete referencing.  Refer
F- (1-24%)   Or Fails to consider any relevant issues or concepts; very little or no attempt to use published sources; incoherent organization where meaning is unclear. Refer.
F- (1-24%) Where suspected Academic concern/offence Use of the ideas and/or words of others and of attribution that is incomplete and/or inaccurate (can be dealt with as concern) Unattributed use of the ideas and/or words of others (can be dealt with as concern)

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