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Assessment 2 Innovation Report


Assessment 2 Innovation Report Assignment Help

Assessment Type             Report (Individual)


Choose a recent (last 5 years) innovation from one of the following industry sectors: Advanced Manufacturing.; Agribusiness and Food

Artificial Intelligence ; Biotechnology

Cyber Security; Mining – (equipment, technology & services) Medical & pharmaceuticals; Renewable energy

Social entrepreneurship; Virtual Reality

You may like to review:

Word Limit: 2500 words (excluding the references and reference list)

Part A : (Approximately 1250 words)

  1. Analyse the unique value proposition of an innovation using a specific firm/company example. Detail the innovation’s benefits that differentiate its value offering from the customer / end-user perspective; the demand side of the value proposition.
  • Distinguish and discuss the innovation type (incremental……………….. radical).
  • How does the innovation offer unique / or superior value over indirect or direct competitive offerings? Consider substitution threats to the innovation that may diminish the SCA.
  • How may the value proposition be explored and applied further to enhance a competitive position or competitive advantage for the innovative company? What do you consider may be the next innovation by the firm you have chosen?
Part B: (Approximately 1250 words)       How has the innovative firm sought to exploit knowledge and capability developed through your example of innovative activity?Outline and discuss the business model used by the firm. How has the firm attempted to capture value from the innovation? -The supply side- (as chosen by you in Part A).How has the innovative firm used or not used innovation management principles in their organisational processes and systems?   A marking rubric will be provided on Blackboard.
Due Date   11.59 pm Friday 30 July 2021
Submission Method   Turnitin – under the Assessment tab in Blackboard
Assessment Criteria   Accuracy of information/argument including validation from academic and industry sources (minimum 4 academic sources)   Ability to discuss and integrate different topics, theories, models and concepts covered. Ability to provide real examples to substantiate theoretical reasoning. Clarity of Expression
Return Method Online
Feedback Provided   Feedback Provided Online A detailed rubric with sub-components is on Blackboard under the Assessments tab.