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About Alpha College Canada

Alpha College offers high quality education in a student friendly environment. It partners with St. Lawrence College to help international students meet their academic goals while providing them with an international and metropolitan experience in Toronto.

Alpha College currently offers 8 programs for international students in different areas, covering the most important areas of the Canadian market. The diploma and certificate programs are very popular programs and have a high employment rate.

Undergraduate Programs 

Students become effective leaders and communicators in this program. They accomplish this by developing presentation skills, networking strategies and how to best represent themselves and their skills through interviews and resumes. Students learn how to apply various skills such as problem solving, teamwork, and intercultural communication to projects at the college and in the community establishing themselves as global business citizens.

Students will learn how to plan and manage operations in an effective and sustainable manner. Through learning about the many aspects of the global tourism industry and mastering different techniques in sales, services and operations, successful graduates from this program will be prepared to provide excellent customer service and meet the demanding expectations required.

Students will learn how to design and implement network infrastructures of enterprise networks to help maintain computer systems and networks of organisations. Whether you are installing computer systems, or solving technical problems, your qualification gives you access into the opportunity-filled technological world.

Postgraduate Programs 

This program molds students to become significant contributors in the workplace as organizations of all sizes depend on the completion of projects to survive and remain competitive. Project management teams plan, execute, monitor, control, and close projects, overlooking each step of the way and ultimately determining whether the project is a success or a failure. Many opportunities await after the completion of this program as projects are a part of almost any business.

 The Supply Chain Management program content prepares students for employment in a variety of roles in this growing industry. Graduates will find challenging employment as: 

  • Industry Analyst
  • Dispatcher
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Supply Chain Consultant
  • Supply Chain Sales
  • Materials Manager
  • Retail and wholesale buyers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Strategic Sourcing Analysts
  • Supervisors in Materials Handling  

Graduates of the program would be suited for careers in entry or middle management positions in a wide variety of health care settings such as:

The International Business Management program prepares students for employment in a variety of roles in this rapidly growing industry. Graduates can find stable employment in:

  • International Business Consultant
  • Import/export Agent
  • Project Manager
  • Entrepreneur/Business Owner
  • Business Development Advisor
  • Sales Representative/Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Analyst

Courses for Alpha College for which we offer assignment help

ACCT 1 – Introductory Accounting I
ADMN 1000 – Introduction to Canadian Business
CARE 60 – Career Development
COMM 34 – Introduction to College Communications
COMP 222 – Computer Application Fundamentals
GENE 114 – Professional Effectiveness
MATH 35 – Introductory Business Math
COMM 39 – Communications for Business
ECON 2 – Macroeconomics
HUMA 53 – Principles of Human Resources Management
MARK 201 – Introductory Marketing
MATH 53 – Mathematics of Finance
ACCT 2 – Introductory Accounting II
ACCT 30 – Managerial Accounting
BLAW 1 – Business Law
COMP 45 – Advanced Excel
ECON 1 – Microeconomics
HUMA 1079 – Organisational Behaviour
MARK 2 – Professional Selling
GENE 29 – Global Issues
ADMN 1100 – Operations and Supply Chain Management
CARE 91 – Career Strategies
GENE 165 – Introduction to Intercultural Communication
HUMA 40 – Perspectives of Leadership
MARK 19 – Marketing Research
MARK 102 – Entrepreneurship
ACCT 11 – Payroll & Government Reporting
PROJ 1 – Project Management
COMM 18 – Applied Communications
HOTE 10 – Marketing
HOTE 21 – Principles of Customer Service
HOTE 30 – Introduction to Tourism
HOTE 63 – Accounting
HOTE 66 – Food & Beverage Management
FINA 69 – Financial Management
HOTE 13 – Sales
HOTE 22 – Ethics & Principled Negotiations
HOTE 56 – Hospitality and Tourism Law
HUMA 68 – Human Resource Management
HUMA 1078 Accommodation Management & Sustainability
HOTE 2 – Tour Packaging and Operations
HOTE 5 – Historical Tourism Site Management
HOTE 8 – Geographical Destinations
HOTE 9 – Intercultural Communications with Global Perspectives
HOTE 20 – Culinary Tourism
HOTE 24 – Heritage, Arts & Cultural Tourism
HOTE 1 – Community Tourism Development
HOTE 3 – Event Planning
HOTE 4 – Adventure & Ecotourism
HOTE 6 – Casino Operations Management
HOTE 7 – Sport Tourism
COMP 203 – Networking 1
COMP 1111 – Introduction to Databases
MATH 8 – Intro Computer Mathematics
COMP 82 – MS Client Operating System
COMP 83 – Cloud Computing 1
COMP 905 – Programming 1
COMM 110 – Communications for College
COMP 30 – Computer Hardware Systems
COMP 3014 – Networking 2
COMP 66 – OS Scripting
COMP 68 – Linux 2
COMP 2111 – Advanced Databases
COMP 67 – Technical Support Procedures
CARE 10 – Career Strategies for Computing Professionals
COMP 930 – Programming 2
COMP 83 – Cloud Computing 1
COMP 213 – Windows Server
COMP 105 – Ethics and Computer Security Best Practices
COMP 63 – Work Placement
COMP 207 – Cloud Computing 2
COMP 223 – Networking 3
COMP 79 – Emerging Technologies
PROJ 5001 – Principles of Project Management
PROJ 5002 – Project Scope and Quality Management
PROJ 5003 – Work Breakdown Structures and Critical Paths
PROJ 5004 – Project Management Software
PROJ 5005 – Communications Management
PROJ 5006 – Financial Management & Cost Control
PROJ 5007 – Project Scheduling & Risk Management
PROJ 5008 – Human Resource Management in Projects
PROJ 5009 – Managing Change and Scope Shift
PROJ 5010 – Procurement & Strategic Sourcing
PROJ 5011 – Project Management Case Study
COMP 5001 – Data Analysis for Supply Chain Management
MGMT 5004 – Transportation Systems
MGMT 5009 – Strategic Sourcing
MGMT 5019 – Leadership in the Supply Chain Sector
INBU 9 – Introduction to International Business
PROJ 5001 – Principles of Project Management
CARE 5003 – Career Preparation
MGMT 5017 – Sustainability
MGMT 5005 – Supply Chain Risk Management
MGMT 5010 – International Logistics, Customs, and Regulations
MGMT 5016 – Data and Financial Management in Supply Chains
MGMT 5003 – Inventory and Warehouse Management
CARE 5004 – Career Readiness
MGMT 5018 – Culminating Project in Supply Chain Management
FLPL 5002 – Supply Chain Management Placement
CARE 5001 – Career and Professional Development
COMM 5002 – Research, Writing and Communications
COMP 5002 – Computer Applications for Academic Success
HLTH 5006 – Introduction to Canadian Health Care System
HROB 5001 – Human Relations
POLI 5000 – Canadian Government
ACCT 5000 – Financial Practices for Health Care Organisation
COMM 5000 – Communications for Health Care Professionals
COMP 5000 – Computer Applications for Health Care Administration
HLTH 5000 – Leadership in Health Care Administration
HLTH 5002 – Ethics in Health Care Administration
LAWS 5000 – Law and Health Care Administration
HLTH 5001 – Health Care Policy
HLTH 5003 – Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in Health Care
HLTH 5004 – Health Care Operations
HLTH 5008 – Capstone Preparation
HROB 5000 – Management of Human Resources in Health Care
MATH 5000 – Statistics for Health Care Professionals
ADMN 5000 – Innovation and Change Management
CARE 5002 – Canadian Workplace – Environmental Scan
HLTH 5005 – Capstone Project – HCA
HLTH 5007 – Quality and Risk Management
INBM 101 International Marketing
INBM 102 Legal Aspects of International Trade
INBM 103 Global Business Environment
INBM 105 International Market Entry and Distribution
INBM 106 Communications for International Business
INBM 207 International Careers and Culture
ADMN 1200 Business Intelligence and Emerging Technologies
PROJ 5001 Principles of Project Management
INBM 201 Global Supply Chain Management
INBM 203 International Finance
INBM 204 International Business Ethics, Environmental and Society
INBM 206 International Human Resource Management
INBM 208 Independent International Business Project
INBM 107 International Entrepreneurship

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