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ACCY801 Accounting & Financial Management


Do you need help for ACCY801 Accounting & Financial management Trimester 2 2022?

ACCY801 Accounting & Financial Management Trimester 2, 2022 Assignment    
Student number: 6518461 Family name: Asim Given name: Muhammad    

The following are from the latest financial statements of Ytrew Limited and its main competitor, both of which are manufacturing firms:

Income statement
 Ytrew LimitedCompetitor
Net sales (all credit)$            2,116,800$ 19,958,400
Cost of goods sold              (1,672,272)      (15,767,136)  
Gross Profit444,5284,191,264
Operating expenses(232,848)(1,995,840)
Operating profit211,6802,195,424
Interest expense(49,228)(665,280)
Profit before tax162,4521,530,144
Tax (30%)(48,736)(459,043)
Net profit113,7161,071,101
Balance sheet 
 Ytrew LimitedCompetitor
Current assets  
Cash$                  21,168199,584
Accounts receivable214,5801,968,500
Total current assets295,4722,711,778
Fixed Assets712,5288,376,222
Total Assets1,008,00011,088,000
Text Box: Current liabilities
Accounts payable
Accrued expenses
Short-term notes payable
Total current liabilites
Long-term debt
Total liabilities
Shareholders' equity
Total liabilities and shareholders' equity
Text Box: $	42,336	$	399,168
21,168	199,584
63,504	598,752
127,008	1,197,504
190,512	1,796,256
317,520	2,993,760
690,480	8,094,240
1,008,000	11,088,000


1.Calculate the following ratios for Ytrew Limited and its competitor (do not show formulas!):
(14 marks)  
 Average collection periodCurrent ratio
 Debt ratioEquity multiplier
 Fixed asset turnoverGross profit margin
 Interest coverage ratioInventory turnover
 Net profit marginOperating profit margin
 Quick ratioReturn on assets
 Return on equityTotal asset turnover
(15 marks)Based on your results from part 1, compare and discuss the liquidity and capital structure of the two firms.

PART A is continued on the next page…

3.   (16 marks) Perform a decomposition of operating profitability similar to that carried out in the textbook and compare the determinants of operating profitability for Ytrew and its competitor. Based on your analysis, discuss areas where Ytrew’s management might seek improvements in order to match its competitor.    
4. Perform a DuPont decomposition of return of equity for Ytrew and its competitor and discuss any differences between the two firms. (15 marks)    

Download the annual report of Boral Limited from the Moodle site and answer the following questions.

1.Provide a brief summary of the company. Include details such as industry sector, primary activities, and recent performance (250 words maximum).
(10 marks)
2.Based on the cash flow statement of the company, write a brief narrative that describes the major operating, investing and financing activities of the company’s management team during the financial year (250 words maximum).
(10 marks)
3.Assuming that you are a senior manager of this company, list five non-financial items of information that you might want to have (250 words maximum).
(10 marks)
4.List some key measures the company took to ensure that its business operations have incorporated corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability (250 words maximum).
(10 marks)

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