ACC00132 Handitax Software Installation Instructions

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January 24, 2018
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ACC00132 Handitax Software Installation Instructions

HI6006 Competitive Strategy

ACC00132 Handitax Installation

As your client has not been set up in the Client Details area of HandiTax2017, you will need to do this before you can complete the 2017 income tax return.

From the access panel at the top of screen, select ‘Client’ and ‘New’ from the drop down menu that appears. Then a new ‘Client Details’ screen will appear ready for you to enter the new record containing the information for your client. Notice at the bottom of this screen you will see helpful tips as you enter the following information:


Field Client Information
Client Type I
Title Mr or Mrs or Ms
Sex/Gender M OR F (depending on your sex)
Client reference code Leave this blank and tab over it – the system will
automatically allocate a code
Address Type A
Street 2 50 Hill Avenue
State QLD
Code 4220
Phone Type A
Area Code 0401
Number 123456
Email contact Your Name
Email address Enter your SCU email address here
Default email address Y


Once you have entered the above information you should be able to ‘Save’ and ‘Close’.

Then the ‘Client’s Tax Form Details’ window should open. If not, from the list on the left of screen, choose HandiTax 2017. You can accept all the information on this screen as a default (i.e. no need to enter data or information on this screen). Just check the basic information including Surname, Given Name, Tax File Number, Form Type I and Resident (ticked). Then save and close.

Then you are ready to prepare the tax return for your client once you have completed the necessary work papers that show what income is assessable and what expenditure is deductible.


Completing the tax return from your work papers:


On the bottom of screen tool bar you will see ‘Tax Forms’. Click on this and then you will move from the client details area to the tax returns area of HandiTax. Click on ‘Select’ and the ‘2017 Tax Return Outline’ screen will appear. From here you can start to complete the return from your work papers

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