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Database is a collection of data in a well-organized fashion in order to use, manipulate, retrieve and update them whenever required. When you go to a library, you can find thousands of books kept in an arranged way. Database can be compared with the library and data can be considered as books in a library. The system that handles and manages data systematically (storing, retrieving and updating) is termed as Database management System. Our unique approach in writing Database assignmentassures to assist you on all the topics of this course. We provide 24/7 Database assignment help in number of subjects like SQL assignment help, Homework help in MySQL, assignment help in Oracle and many more. To broaden your concept and promote in-depth knowledge in this subject, we appoint proficient tutors to write your assignment in Advanced SQL, SQL store procedure, Relational databases etc. Our online assignment writing faculty has outlined important models of Database that will offer you opportunity to gain idea on this course.

Types of Database Model

The coherent structure or logical designing of information that defines the relationship between different parts of data is termed as database model. The four most studied database models are briefly explained below:

1. Flat Model: It has a minimum amount of proper arrangement. It takes the form of one large table in which data in rows are related with one other and those in columns displays similar value.

Flat Model

2. Hierarchical model: It is also called one-many relationship model where the data is organized in tree like structure. In Hierarchical model, the data is stored in the form of record that is associated with one another by creating a link. Hence each unit in this model has only one parent but one parent can have several units.

Hierarchical model

3. Network Database model: It is also called many-many relationship model. In this database model, many records are connected to one parent file. This model can be viewed as a tree that is held upside down where several branches end up in one parent field.

Network model

4. Relational Database: Also called one to one relationship model. It is widely used model where information is presented in the form of table having related rows and columns.

Relational Database

We provide you professional help for your database assignment. Tutors writing your database assignment are learned and experienced in this field. They also have years of knowledge in handling students queries on topics of database management. Our online assignment helpers have solved many assignments of database availing opportunity for students to get information in simplified terms. You can receive a technically sound database assignment help from experienced and subject specific tutors.

SQL: Structured query language or SQL is a language of computer that is used for storing, manipulating and retrieving data stored in relational database. Various components are require to complete the process of SQL like Query Dispatcher, Classic Query Engine, Optimization Engines and many more. The SQL command used to interact with relational databases are categorized into three major groups namely; DDL(Data Definition Language) that include CREATE, ALTER and DROP; DML(Data Manipulation language) that include SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE and DCL( Data control language) that has GRANT and REVOKE. SQL is therefore a standard language that help in retrieving data in MySQLORACLESQL Server and many other database systems.

MySQL: It is one of the popular Relational Database Management System that can work on several operating system. MySQL works quickly even with large amount of data. It is customizable that allows easy modification of MySQL software. Most importantly it an open source and therefore you can purchase it for free.

SQL Server: Developed by Microsoft, SQL Server is another Relational Database Management System. It contains various tools to help user in management of their data like: creating and maintaining data, optimization, replication, scheduling and many more. The table below highlights some points that provide difference between these two Relational databases management system.

1. It is an open source.1. It is not an open source.
2. It offers only refreshed view.2. It offers tabulated view.
3. No security certification is offered.3. The verification of Database security is done by third party.
4. Doesn’t support Auto tuning.4. Supports Auto tuning.
5. Doesn’t support Data reporting and Data mining.5. Supports Data reporting and Data mining.

Oracle: Oracle is again a Relational Database Management System that is cost-effective. It allows flexible management of large data. It also permits direct accessibility of data object to the users with use of SQL. It can run on most of the popular OS like Windows, Linux, UNIX, and many more. The main architecture of Oracle database is divided into two types: the logical structure and the physical structure. This division ensures easy management of physical structure without disturbing the access to logical structure.

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