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7011CAL Communication for IT Professionals Student Assessments


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Select a piece of information and communication technology software or hardware. Explain how it operates and evaluate the effectiveness of your chosen software or hardware in terms of how it facilitates collaboration and communication within a GVT. Discuss the potential and real advantages and disadvantages of the product. You should consider both a range of industrial reviews and, if possible, your own evaluation.

• Each pair will present for 8-10 minutes (7 minutes each for a trio), for a maximum total of 20 minutes per group. Time must be shared equally between the group members.

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• The group must submit an electronic version of the presentation to their tutor one day after the presentation.

• You should assume an educated audience with some knowledge and interest in the product but should explain technical terms and ideas to the audience.

• Provide an in-text citation for readings and include the appropriate reference list at the end of your presentation.

• The tutor will assess the OP according to the criteria in the OP Criteria located in your Student Handbook with the individual component comprising 90% weighting and the group component 10% weighting.

• If you are absent, the OP is not rescheduled, and you will receive no score unless there are compassionate or compelling circumstances (evidence required such as a medical certificate). Medical certificates will be verified.

• If you are absent, the remaining group members continue to deliver the full OP; however, the tutor will take into consideration their increased responsibilities when evaluating their OP.

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